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How to Create and Change Your YouTube Custom URL : Complete Tutorial with Video

Change Your YouTube Custom URL

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

Every YouTube channel has an address, just like a website address.

If you’ve just created a YouTube channel, you’ll be given an URL that looks like this:

Now, the URL doesn’t have any keyword reflecting your channel name.

It’s just a string of letters and numbers, much like a lengthy password.

Such an URL can’t easily be remembered by anyone including yourself.

So, if someone asks you for your channel link, you would not feel good about providing this address.

You want a channel address that reflects your channel or brand name. One that is easy to remember.

YouTube Custom URL

It’s possible to have such an address. YouTube calls it a custom URL. You’re allowed to have an address with your channel name included.

In other words, you can shorten the YouTube channel link like the one shown below.

However, you can’t just change your long channel URL to a custom URL just like that. You would have to meet certain requirements.

Custom YouTube URL Requirements

The two most important custom YouTube URL requirements are:

Your channel must have more than 100 subscribers.

The channel must at least be 30 days old.

Once your channel has satisfied the above Custom YouTube URL requirements, you may set up a custom URL and shorten your YouTube channel link.

How to Set Up a Custom URL for Your YouTube Channel

Here’s how to get a custom YouTube URL with 100 subscribers.

Step 1 – Login to Your YouTube Account

Step 2 – Click on YouTube Studio

Step 3 – Select Customization on the left panel.

Step 4 – Choose Basic Info on the Top Menu.

Step 5 – Then scroll down to select Set a custom URL for your channel.

Step 6 – Select from the Suggested Custom URLs.

Then confirm your selection.

Your YouTube custom URL is activated. You may now share this link with others.

How to Change Your YouTube Custom URL at a Later Time

YouTube gives you the flexibility of changing your YouTube custom URL at a later time.

You can exercise this option if you change your channel name at a later time.

Here are the steps on how to change your custom URL at a later time.

Follow Steps 1 to 4 as explained above.

Step 5 – Delete the Existing Custom URL

Step 6- Click on Remove in the About Me Section.

First, click on the right arrow on the About section.

Next, under Custom URLs, click on Remove.

Then confirm the removal.

Done with this, head back to Customization and then to Basic Info.

This time you’ll see an option to add a new custom URL.

Follow the exact steps shown above to add your new YouTube custom URL.

You’ll have a new custom URL for your YouTube channel within minutes.

Video Guide

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up a custom URL for your YouTube channel and then change it later, watch the video below.

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