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HD Video : Can You Convert 1080i to 1080p?

convert 1080i to 1080p

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

When you’re dealing with HD video you would have come across 1080i and 1080p video.

By now you would have known that the quality of 1080p is far superior than that of 1080i.

What if you have a 1080i video and want to convert it to 1080p video?

Is it possible to convert 1080i to 1080p to enjoy the quality of the latter?

Do You Really Need to Convert 1080i to 1080p?

Usually, you don’t have to. Both 1080i and 1080p have the same horizontal resolution. Only that 1080i consists of interlaced frames and 1080p consists of progressive frames.

On paper 1080i has a lower picture quality. But you can’t really see the quality between the two unless the video involves fast action.

1080i and Cable TV

1080i is not really inferior quality. Cable television stations broadcast shows in 1080i as they don’t have the transmission bandwidth to support 1080p.

Cable TV stations like CBS, NBC, and many other HD cable stations broadcast in 1080i. On the other hand, ABC, Fox, and ESPN, offer 720p.

That’s why you see the channels marked as Fox HD instead of Fox Full HD.

Full HD Internet Streaming

It is possible to watch 1080p video content through Internet streaming? Yes you can. You would have experienced that with Youtube and Netflix, for instance.

How to Convert 1080i to 1080p

You can do it through a video editor. Just upload your 1080i video to the editor and export it as 1080p video.

Most video editor have a preset 1080p export setting.

1080i 60 fps to 1080p 30fps

Bear in mind that the scan lines in 1080i is 540-540 compared to 1080p which is progressive or one frame after another.

So, when you convert a 1080i 60fps video to 1080p you’ll get only 1080p 30fps.

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