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How to Fix Google Drive Video is Still Being Processed Error: Quick and Easy Ways

Fix Google Drive Video Still Processing

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:17 am

This post will show you how to fix the ‘Google Drive video is still being processed’. problem.

Google Drive is an excellent platform where you can back up your files.

With 15GB of free space given for each account, you have ample space to back up your videos if you do it occasionally.

Your videos will safe and secure on Google’s storage platform. Best of all, you can play your video by clicking on it.

This is a convenient way of watching a video without having to download it. It comes in handy when you’re using somebody else’s computer to access your video files.

However, sometimes you have trouble accessing the video.

You may end up with any of the following messages:

  • Video is still processing & can be downloaded later.
  • We’re processing this video. Please check back later.
  • We’re processing this video. Check back later or download the video now.

This error may occur not only during playback but also when you’re uploading a video.

Here are some of the fixes you can use for the Google Drive video is still being processed problem.

What Does Video Is Still Being Processed Mean?

It means that Google Drive is getting the video ready to store the video. Before it can do so, it compresses the video. In other words, it’s getting ready to upload the video on its platform.

How long will the processing take, anyway?

It depends on the file size and how busy Google Drive servers are.

In normal circumstances, your video should be processed in a reasonable amount of time.

So, if the video processing is taking longer than usual, maybe, hours or even days, then you may want to try the following fixes.

Check Your Internet Connection

Video playback on Google Drive very much depends on your Internet connection. So, check whether your Internet connection has a decent speed. Internet speed may drop for no reason, at times.

Undertake the necessary fixes if the speed has dropped excessively.

Google Drive video is still being processed - Check Internet speed.

Here’s a quick way to fix Internet connectivity issues if you’re on Windows.

Type Settings in the Windows search bar. In the Settings menu, choose Network and Internet.

Then under Status, select Network Troubleshooter.

Google Drive video is still being processed - Check Internet connection.

You may also want to restart your modem and router if the troubleshooter doesn’t detect any issues.

Relaunch Google Drive

Sign out of Google Drive and relaunch it. Sign in back again and see if the problem is fixed.

Reupload Video

Try reuploading the video and see if the video processing problem is resolved.

Sometimes reuploading the video will determine whether it’s an isolated problem with Google Drive or a real, persistent one.

Compress Video

You may want to compress your video before uploading it. In most instances, you may not need to view the video in its original quality.

Compressing the video with an appropriate codec would reduce file size. This may help speed up video processing on Google Drive.

Update Your Browser

The video processing issue may be related to an outdated browser. So, you may want to check whether you’re using the latest version of the browser.

If you’re using Chrome, click on the 3 dots on the top right. Then select Help and finally About Google Chrome.

Google Drive video is still being processed - Update browser

Make sure Chrome is up to date is shown.

Clear Cache

The video processing issue may be caused by data accumulated in your cache. Clearing the cache often speeds up your web page leading. This may help with the video processing issue.

To clear your web browser cache, follow the steps below.

On your browser menu, go to More tools. Then select Clear browsing data.

Google Drive video is still being processed - Clear cache

Then select the options as shown below and hit Clear data.

Next, restart your Chrome browser to see if the problem is fixed.

Try Another Browser

If your preferred browser doesn’t show any improvement in video processing, you may want to switch to another browser.

It’s always advisable to have an alternative browser installed on your computer. It could come in handy for testing purposes.

If Chrome doesn’t perform, you may want to try Microsoft Edge or Firefox or Opera.

Any of the fixes above should be able to rectify the Google Drive video is still being processed problem.

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