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Get Unlimited Video Title Ideas with these Free YouTube Title Generators

Free YouTube Title Generators

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

So, you’ve created your video. Now it’s time to upload to YouTube.

Before You Upload, YouTube requires you to fill in the video details.

One of the details required is the video title.

Many don’t take this part seriously. They just give their video a generic video title.

They just name their videos with titles such as dog training, weight loss, or 4K TV.

They think it’s good enough to attract viewers with these titles.

That’s not the case.

Video Title as a Teaser

A video title is not just meant to tell potential viewers what the video is about. It should entice her to click on your video to ‘benefit’ from what your title promises.

A title should be an offer that a potential viewer can’t resist. It should be written in such a way that the viewer will enjoy some benefit from watching the video. It doesn’t matter whether it’s entertainment, enlightenment, or instruction.

But then not everyone is good at coming up with good video titles. Or it could be that you can write decent titles. But sometimes you can conjure a title that would do justice to your video.

This is when YouTube title generators come in handy.

Certainly a boon for those who can’t think like a copywriter when it comes to writing titles.

Read on to pick a title generator for your YouTube channel, among the options listed below.

Tuberanker Free YouTube Title Generator

First, visit the YouTube Title Generator Page.

Next, enter a keyword into the YouTube video title generator and click Generate Title. It is advisable that you enter the keyword you’re trying to rank your video for.

In our case, we’ve keyed in a dry topic like an 8K video. Let’s see what suggestions the tool offer.

If you see any titles that interest you, click on them and hit Copy Selected.

No Unlimited Use

The drawback of this tool is you aren’t allowed to use it for an unlimited number of times.

There’s a daily limit.

Anyway, you can get about 3 to 4 searches a day. And having about 50 or so title suggestions should keep you satisfied, if you don’t want to sign up for the premium plans.

A daily limit isn’t good news when you’re excited about coming up with arresting titles.

If the limit cuts short your ‘adventure’, you can always check out the YouTube title generators below.

Tunepocket YouTube Video Title Generator

Tunepocket is a site that offers royalty-free music. This is a paid option.

What you get to use for free is the YouTube Title Generator.

The best part is you get to use it an unlimited number of times.

After entering your keyword, you will be given 5 suggested titles.

If you’re happy with the suggested titles, you can copy them to your clipboard. Otherwise, click on Run Again to make this catchy YouTube title generator offer you more title ideas.

Each time you click Run Again, you’ll be offered 5 more titles, all unique and different from the previous batch.

Of course, some of the titles don’t suit your niche. You are free to tweak them to be relevant to your subject and target audience.

For example, Stop Doing HDMI Splitter, Do This Instead can be tweaked as Don’t Buy an HDMI Splitter, Buy This Instead. Get the idea?

Check out the free Tunepocket YouTube Title Generator.

SVP Free YouTube Title Generator

Social Video Plaza’s YouTube title generator does more than offer you titles.

It will tell you whether your title will be truncated when it appears on YouTube.

For every suggested title, you can click ‘Is truncated?’ to check whether it will be truncated.

For example, if we check the first title, we get the following result.

First, you’re given a character count for your title.

Next, you’ll be notified whether your title will be truncated when viewed on different devices or platforms.

This is helpful especially if most of your viewers come through mobile devices.

You may go ahead and edit the title so that important words and phrases are displayed when your video is published on YouTube.

Check out the Social Video Plaza YouTube Title Generator.

The above three best free YouTube title generators would save you thinking time and frustration if you struggle with titles.

Give them a try. Modify your preferred suggested title(s) and start attracting more viewers to your videos.

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