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Free Video Repair Online Preview Options

Free Video Repair Online Resources

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:34 am

Video repair online preview is currently available over the Internet.

It mostly involves HD video repair online particularly relating to damaged or corrupted MP4 files.

MP4 is a video file format popularly used these days in video production and distribution.

It’s well supported in most modern devices like television sets, smartphones and popular messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Despite its popularity and universality, it has a downside to it.

MP4 is prone to file corruption and damage although this is not a regular occurrence.

Before we discuss the available resources for free video repair online preview, let’s look at the causes which lead to a damaged or corrupted MP4 files to help you avoid the unwelcome situation in the future.

Power Outage – Accidental or Otherwise.

This happens when you’re copying an MP4 file from your computer to your pen drive. Especially when a file transfer is done via a laptop computer and its battery power is about to run out.

So, if you’re transferring an important video file to your flash drive make sure your laptop has sufficient battery power to sustain the copying process.

Otherwise, play it safe and plug it into an AC outlet for an uninterrupted power supply and peace of mind.

Computer Viruses and Malware.

These days computer viruses and malware could infect your computer if you download files from untrusted sources over the Internet. They could cause MP4 files to be corrupted and unusable.

To prevent this from happening, install a reliable anti-virus software program and keep it updated always.

If you don’t have the budget to purchase one, opt for a free version – there are many out there – which at least offers your computer system basic protection.

Faulty Data Storage Devices

Faulty data storage devices are another culprit that could throw the spanner in the works. Make sure your hard disks and removable storage devices are in tip-top condition.

Use a disk health monitor software to check their performance regularly. At the very least run a disk defragmenter test every now and then to monitor errors that might affect your files.

Video Converter Errors

When converting a video file to MP4, use a reliable video converter. Test a small file first.

You want to check the stability and reliability of the converter software before committing to large file conversion.

Some video converters work well when handling small file sizes but when a large video file is thrown at them, they tend to become unstable.

Getting on to Video Repair

Now that we know the causes of  corrupted or damaged MP4 files let’s get on to discussing free video repair online.

Important notice: these  free video repair online tools aren’t actually free. They allow you to preview for free the repaired copy of your corrupted video file. If you’re satisfied with the result, you may proceed to pay to get your ‘true’ repaired copy.

 The standout advantage of using these video repair online tools is you pay only if your video is repaired to your satisfaction.

Still, use this service only if free video repair alternatives don’t work for you..

So, free video repair online here means free preview of your repaired video files and not free download of the repaired video files.

Fix.Video : Even Damaged Drone Videos Handled repair online services handles the repairing and fixing of truncated, corrupted and damaged MP4, MOV and 3GP videos.

If you’ve corrupted or damaged video files from professional DSLR cameras, camcorders, GoPro, smartphones and drones, you could turn to Fix.Video for help.

Free Video Repair Online

Fix. Video claims to have successfully repaired thousands of corrupted and damaged drone videos especially damaged by drone crash and those damaged by accidentally powering off the drone before stopping video recording.

So, if a corrupted drone video is what you’re seeking to repair, this service might just be the one which would suit your need.

When using this service, you’re not advised to upload your video directly from your SD Card. You have to copy your corrupted video file to your computer hard disk first and then proceed to upload it to the video repair online service.

You’re allowed to download a low-resolution of the repaired file though. If you’re satisfied with the result, you may proceed to purchase the high-resolution repaired file.

Visit this HD video repair service at Fix.Video


This free video repair online preview service has almost a bare interface.

You upload a file  The preview is in black and white as shown below.

Free Video Repair Online

Once the preview is done and you’re told your video can be successfully repaired, the price of the service will be displayed.

At mp4repair-org you start off uploading a short sample of your damaged or corrupted video file.

You do this to provide the necessary technical information which will help confirm whether your file could be repaired. If your file could be repaired, you’ll be sent a link to the repair app via your email.

The video repair app will then start work on the job. You can preview the process to ensure it meets your expectations in terms of content fixing and quality.

If the video repair is carried out to your satisfaction you may proceed to make payment through your credit card or PayPal. Within minutes you’ll be given the download link to the successfully-repaired video.

Be reminded that if you’re repairing a damaged or corrupted H.264, DV or HDV, your price starts at $49 even if your file is less than a minute long.

Does this mean that if you have ten short corrupted H264 files you pay $49 x 10 =$490?

No, the price is not calculated that way. Only the base price is $49. You have to pay this no matter how long your DV, H264 or HDV is.

Then for the first ten minutes, you pay $5 for every minute of video repaired.

Beyond ten minutes, you pay $2 for every minute of video repaired.

From the rates here, it’s clear that the longer your video clips are the more economical the cost is.

So, it’s advisable to collect all your corrupted videos and send them for a single batch repair instead of uploading one or two at a time in different sessions.

So you ought to consider whether it’s really worth it to use this video repair online service if you’re repairing a single file.

But then if you’re on your last leg and really want to rescue a priceless video file, you wouldn’t mind forking out the cash, would you?

Use Free Video Repair Software First

You’ll notice that there aren’t that many choices available when it comes to free video repair online except for free previews, but if it works for you if you desperately need to repair a corrupted MP4 file, then go for it.

Otherwise thoroughly exhaust  the corrupted video file repair software available for free download.

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