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The Best Free Online Video Editors : No Download or Installation Required

Top Free Online Video Editors

Top Picks for Free Online Video Editors

If you wish to perform simple  video editing tasks, and do not want to install video editing software in multiple devices, the way to go is opt for an online video editor.

There are many free online video editors out there that would help you put together a simple video project like a video slideshow or a short Youtube video.

The main advantage of these cloud-based online video editing software  is that you don’t have to download and install them.

Also, you can acess them anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Start a project at home, and continue editing your video project on the go in a hotel room  or a cafe,.

That said here are the top free online video editors worth looking at.


Kizoa is an online video editing and movie making platform. You could make slideshows, edit videos up to 4K quality and  even make collages.

To use Kizoa you would need Flash enabled in your computer. Once you’re at the video editing interface, click on Movie Maker. You’ll be given two options – create a movie from a template  or from scratch.

If you choose template, you can choose the theme you desire – love, business, travel, wedding and even Christmas, among others.

You can also choose your video orientation – landscape, square or potrait.

You can import your videos/photos from your computer or from Facebook and proceed to add text, transitions, effects and music.

Kizoa Online Free Video Editor

One standout feature of KIzoa is it provides copyright-free photos for your video project. Just type your keyword and it fetches  you a collection of images you could drag into the editing interface.

Done editing, you could export your video to Facebook, YouTube or burn a DVD.  But then you would have to register for an account to do that.

The free plan allows you to make movies up to 2 minutes in 720p HD quality. You’ll also be provided with 1GB storage space. Movies you produce will bear the Kizoa watermark though.

Clipchamp Create

Before you start using the Clipchamp video editor, you would need to sign up with your Facebook or Google Account. Only then you can see the video editing interface.

First off, with a free account you’re only allowed to export video at 480p

If you prefer video quality at 720p or 1080p you would have to sign up for a premium plan.

When the video editing interface opens, click on the + Add Media to import your images, videos and audio files. You  then drag them to the timeline and arrange them accordingly.

Clipchamp Online Free Video Editor

Text, background colour and transitions could be added to your video.

Unlike Kizoa, you would have to pay $10 for each video exported under the free plan if you use any Clipchamp video assests.

It’s free if you use your own media files.

On exporting your video, it will be downloaded in the MP4 format.

Although it’s mentioned that the Clipchamp watermark will appear in your final video, it wasn’t quite visible in the test video I created.

Adobe Sparks

When  you arrive at Adobe Sparks, scroll down to Video Stories and click on Create a Video button.

As the next step, you would need to sign up for an account.

You could sign up with a Facebook  or Google account or with your email or Adobe ID.

If you already have an email account linked to your Adobe ID, you would be asked to log in with the ID.

You will then be asked whether you want to create a slideshow, teaser video, explainer or promo video.

Adobe Spark Free Online Video Editor

If you don’t fabcy using a template, then you can start editing video from scratch.  A tsndout feature of Adobe Spark is its ability to record voiceovers to your video. This feature would come useful if you’re editing a training video.

Text addition doesn’t offer much flexibility though. You can’t change text colour  but can only increase or decrease its size.

Free music is also available for your video project.

Once done with editing, hit Download and your video file will be downloaded in the MP4 format.

A watermark appears in the video but it’s not that glaring.


Under the free plan you’re allowed to create 5 minutes of video per month at with 480p quality.

Ypou’re also provided with a 1GB cloud storage. Videos are also allowed to be downloaded to your computer.

If you happy with the $0 plan, then  go ahead and sign up for a free account with your Google or Facebook account. After answeing what you’ll be using the videos for and what industry you’re in, you’ll be takien straight to the editing dashboard.

How to get started quickly?

Wevideo Free Online Video Editor

Select a theme. Themes come with ready-made music and text style.

Among the themes available are Noir (black and white), Memories, Punk Rock, Classic and Hopeful Blue.

An audio library of background muisc is included. You’re also allowed to record voiceovers to be inserted into the audio track.

Done with assembling your media clips and editing them, hit Finish. Your video will exported in 480p quality.

A watermark will be lft in your video. This shouldn’t be a concern if your aim is to get your message across rather than how your video looks.


Magisto is an AI(Artificial Intelligence)-powered online video editor. If you don’t fancy working with  a timeline, dragging clips and shuffling them, Magisto is your kind of thing.

Arriving at the Magisto website, hit the Personal option in the main menu.

Magisto Free Online Video Editor

Click on Get Started to sign up with your Gmail, Facebook or email account.

You can create your video from scratch or template. Unfortunately, templates are available for only  premium users.

Editing style available for free users include Extreme, Movie trailer, Memories, Let’s Party and Comics, among others.

You can then choose the approriate background music from the built-in  library by clicking on Music . You’re allowed to preview a music clip before including it in your project.  Alternatively, you could upload your own music or choose no music.

One drawback of this free online video editor is it doesn’t allow you to download the videos you create with it.

If you’re satified with your choices, hit the Finish button.  You may preview your video first before sharing them to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and via email.

The above are the top free online video editors that could get you started on a quick and simple video editing project. Take your time to check them out.

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