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Best Free DVD Player Software for Windows and Mac

Free DVD Player Software

You have a big collection of DVD movies. Your DVD player isn’t working. You don’t intend to replace it. You also don’t want to upgrade to a Blu-ray player.

Ripping your DVDs to a digital format doesn’t appeal to you.

The only way left for you to view your DVD movies is through your computer.

You look for a DVD player program in your Windows computer. It doesn’t have one. You wonder if Windows is offering a DVD player that can be downloaded.

Yes, it does, through the Microsoft Store. But you have to pay for it. S14.99, at the time of writing.

No, thanks. There are free DVD player software programs that can do the job equally well.

You probably have one already sitting in your computer – VLC Media Player.

VLC Media Player

You’re invited to throw any video format at VLC. Ninety-nine out of a hundred times VLC would be able to play it.

It’s not for nothing this free DVD player software is called the Swiss army knife of video player.

Most other media players will ask you to install additional codecs to play a little-known video format. VLC will gladly play it. It seems to have every codec under the sun in its cellar.

VLC has another well-known strength. It is multi-platform compatible.

You can install it in your Windows, Mac and Linux computer. On the mobile side of things, it works with Android and iOS devices.

To play a DVD, all you have to do is go to Media – Open Disc – DVD.

Then proceed with hitting the Play button.

Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray Player is a 100% free DVD player software for Windows and Mac OS. As its name suggests, it can play Blu-ray and 4K video.

It’s a region-free DVD player. This means you can play DVD movie discs of all kinds, including Region 3 (Asia) and Region 2 (Europe).

You can also navigate to your DVD folder and play your Video_TS files from there.

Leawo supports multi-angle DVDs. If you have them, you get to select your viewing angle of a scene.

This free DVD player software you to enjoy an immersive movie watching experience.

5K Player

If you would like added functionality with your free DVD player software, choose 5K Player.

Apart from playing your DVDs, this hardware-accelerated player also plays 4K, Full HD (1080p) and 360-degree videos.

It supports AirPlay and DLNA, allowing you to wirelessly stream Video.

It even works with Windows XP and Vista while supporting mac OS and Mac OS X.

When you get tired of playing your DVDs, you can listen to music through its built-in radio player.

Download 5K Player.

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