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How to Fix HDMI Sound Not Working on Your TV

Fix HDMI sound not working on your TV

An HDMI connection is certainly a boon to the AV world. It carries high-definition video and audio on a single cable.

Also, HDMI doesn’t only work with AV equipment. It works with computers, too.

With HDMI you can turn your generic HDTV into a smart TV by connecting it to your laptop or desktop computer.

Your large TV screen will then act as a replacement for your computer screen,

Despite the convenience of an HDMI connection, it sometimes has issues when it comes to TV connectivity.

One of them is you don’t get sound on your TV when an HDMI connection is made.

In other words, you get a picture but no audio.

Here are ways to fix HDMI sound not working on your TV.

Cable Securely Fitted?

The first thing you want to do is make sure the HDMI cable is securely fitted on the source and TV ports.

Pull out the cable and plug it in again. Make sure there isn’t a loose connection.

Try a Working Cable

Use a cable that has been tested to work. Then you’ll know whether the issue is with the original cable.

Try Switching TV Inputs

Say, you’ve chosen HDMI 1 as your TV input and get a picture but no sound. Try to connect it to HDMI 2 or 3 and see whether it fixes the problem.

Power Off and On TV and HDMI Source

Switch off both your TV and the HDMI source. Unplug your HDMI cable on both ends. Then plug it in again. Power on the devices again. Check to see whether you get a picture with sound.

Computer Connected to TV

If you have a computer connected to your TV through HDMI and don’t get sound, try the following fix.

TV Not Recognised as an HDMI Device

When you don’t get sound on your TV when you connect your laptop to your TV, chances are the computer doesn’t recognize your TV as an HDMI device.

Instead, your TV is recognized as a DVI device. If the receptor device is recognized as DVI, only video will be sent to it and not audio.

Connect a Separate Audio Cable

In this instance, you would have to connect a separate audio cable from your computer’s headphone or speaker port to the TV.

You would want to use a 3.5mm audio to RCA converter for that.

When connecting a separate audio cable, ensure that it is connected to the RCA ports next to the HDMI port you have used.

TV Recognised as HDMI Device But No Sound

What if your TV is recognized as an HDMI device by your computer and yet you get no sound?

You would then have to tweak your computer settings to fix HDMI sound not working on your TV.

Go to Control Panel

Go to Control Panel in Windows.

Choose Hardware and Sound.

Choose Sound.

Check to see whether your TV appears as a device for sound playback and

is selected for sound playback. If it isn’t, click on it and click OK.

Now see whether you get sound on your TV.

If no sound appears, click on Properties.

Then click on Advanced under TV properties.

You’ll see that the default sound quality is set as DVD quality.

Try setting it to another format from the dropdown menu. Start with the lowest and go up to the highest.

Additional Windows HDMI Audio Troubleshooting Guide

You may also want to check out the additional audio troubleshooting steps as explained in the video below to fix HDMI sound not working on your TV.

No HDMI Audio on TV Connected to Set -Top Box

Here’s how to fix HDMI sound not working on your TV when connected to a set-top box.

If you have connected a set-top box to your TV and get no audio, make sure the audio is not muted in the device itself.

Use your set-top box remote and increase the built-in audio level of the device.

If audio is not muted, then go to the box’s settings menu and look for audio settings. Select HDMI as the audio output option.

Also, if you have an older set-top box, try updating the device firmware.

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