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How to Fix Errors When Uploading Videos To YouTube

How to Fix Errors When Uploading Videos to YouTube

How to Fix Errors When Uploading Videos to YouTube

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:30 am

You worked hard to create a YouTube video, spending hours editing it. You’re now ready to show it to the world.

You’re happy with the video quality. All that is left to be done is to upload it to YouTube.

It’s easy peasy as far as you’re concerned. But when you get down to it you’re slapped with an upload error.

Getting an upload error on YouTube is not uncommon. There are instances when your video doesn’t get uploaded, even when you feel you’ve taken all the necessary steps.

Sometimes the issue is on your side. At other times, it’s on YouTube’s part. In the latter case, there’s nothing much you can do. You would just have to wait for the error to be resolved.

That said, let’s look at how you can fix errors when uploading videos to YouTube.

The ‘We encountered unexpected problems’ Error

If you receive this message, minutes after uploading the video, the problem isn’t on your side.

As the message, it is YouTube that is facing a problem. This is one of the common errors when uploading videos to YouTube. It is a vague error message. It implies that YouTube can’t really explain what the issue is. So, what do you do? Wait.

Wait for about ten minutes before uploading again. Hopefully, by then the issue resolves itself.

‘The server has rejected the file’ Error

When this error message pops up, it indicates that you’ve uploaded a video in a format unsupported by YouTube.

YouTube accepts almost all the popular video formats including MP4, MOV, MPG, and WMV.

If the server has rejected your video file, then chances are you have uploaded a project file or a screen recording file instead of a video file.

This happens when you create videos with Camtasia Studio from screen recordings. Though you can play screen recordings in Camtasia Studio, you can’t upload them to YouTube.

Also, the screen recordings will be saved as a project. You can open the project in Camtasia. However, the project file will not be accepted by YouTube.

You would have to export the screen recording or the project as a video file with the extensions supported by YouTube like MP4, WMV, or MOV.

‘An error has occured while sending data over network’ Error

When you receive this error message, the problem is not with your video file. Instead, it’s your web browser acting up.

Are you using an outdated browser version? If so, update it to the latest version.

Also, are you using popular, stable browsers like Chrome, Edge of Firefox? These are browsers recommended by YouTube.

A safe bet would be to use Google Chrome.

‘Processing abandoned’ Error Message

If you upload an invalid video fail format, you’ll receive this message.

More often than not, if you have an unusually slow upload speed.

Generally, upload speeds are not an issue with most users subscribing to high-speed broadband services.

But then there are some folks who have nothing more than 1MBps upload speed. If you’re uploading a short 240p or a 360p video file with this speed, there wouldn’t be an issue.

If you’re uploading a lengthy Full HD 1080p or 4K video, you’d better have a decent upload speed of at least 20MBps.

Use an Internet speed test service to check your upload speed.

‘Can’t upload. Your channel status or account settings currently don’t support uploads’ Error

This error occurs if your channel has had a Community Guidelines strikes. Your channel may be under review and may be subject to termination. While pending a decision, YouTube restricts you from uploading any videos.

You’ll also get this error if you’re uploading videos under a YouTube account controlled by an admin. The admin may have restricted the uploading of videos. If the YouTube account is in the restricted mode, then you would have to contact the admin to allow you to upload your video.

‘A security error has occurred’ Error

You’ll get this error message if security settings in your browser prevent you from uploading or downloading a file.

Usually, the settings are made in your anti-virus, anti-malware/spyware software, or your firewall settings prevent you from uploading a file.

The quick fix is to temporarily disable the settings until you’ve had your video uploaded to YouTube.

‘Daily upload limit reached. You can upload more videos in 24 hours’ Error

This is a YouTube limitation on your channel. The number of videos you can upload in 24 hours will depend on the country or region you’re in.

Also, if your channel has issues like copyright or community guidelines strikes, you’ll see this error message.

There is no way out of this problem except to wait for 24 hours to pass.

‘Rejected (file too small)’ Error

This error is least likely to occur. Unless you’ve accidentally upload

ed a file less than 2kb. YouTube requires you to upload files larger than 2kb.

You Can’t upload Videos Longer than 15 Minutes

Is YouTube preventing you from uploading videos longer than 15 minutes? You may be wondering why this happens when others can upload longer videos.

This is one of the most common YouTube upload problems, especially for new channels.

This happens because your YouTube account is unverified. To verify your account, you would have to provide a telephone number on the YouTube account verification page.

Also, with an unverified account, you can upload a video file larger than 2GB.

Once your account has been verified, you’ll be allowed to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

Also, you can upload custom thumbnails and undertake live streaming.

You have learned about the different errors when uploading videos to YouTube and how to fix them.

Keep them in mind so that you know what to do the next time you get an error when uploading a video to YouTube.


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