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How to Fix Blurry Videos on Android

Fix blurry videos on Android

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

One of the worst things that can happen when capturing an important moment on video is ending up with blurry footage.

While there are tools that can improve video quality, it’s important to know the causes to fix blurry video on Android.

This is so that you can prevent blurry videos in future.

Shoot Smooth and Stable

If you move your Android device camera much while shooting, make sure you do it smoothly. Don’t move it too fast, too quick for the device to make sense of what your Android device is capturing.

Also, hold your camera stably. If you shake your camera a lot during shooting you’ll likely end up with blurry video.

Android device cameras aren’t really easy to hold stably. However, you should practice holding them stably so that you’ll be prepared when it comes to shooting important occasions.

Shooting a Fast-Moving Subject

Shooting a fast-moving subject like motion sports may leave you with a blurry video footage. To overcome this problem, you’ve to set your Android device camera to the appropriate mode.

Most Android devices have a Sports or Fast motion camera mode. So, if you’re shooting fast-moving action, set your Android camera to that mode.

Set fast motion or sports mode in your Android device

Check your Android device manual on how to set your camera to Sports mode. Sports mode may not be available by default. You may have to download this camera mode and install it on your Android device.

Download sports camera mode in Android

To do this, open your camera app. Then go to the mode section. If you don’t find the sports mode, tap on the download option and choose sports and then install.

Continuous Shooting

If you run your video camera continuously without a ‘rest’ for your camera, you may end up with blurry videos. Android devices aren’t as robust as DSLRs or camcorders. An overheated Android camera may lead to blurry videos.

So, as far as possible, have pauses between your shots. Break up your recording into different shots, as far as possible.


Focusing on your subject before recording your video is also essential. Make sure your Android camera is clearly focused on the subject. You would have to make sure you’ve correctly zoomed in or out of your subject to get a clear, sharp picture.

Resolution and Brightness

Have you set your camera resolution to the appropriate level. Most newer Android devices shoot videos at high resolutions. However, if you’re using an older camera, check to see if the camera is set to a lower resolution by default. If this is so, adjust the resolution to a higher one.

Here’s how you generally do it. Go to the Settings menu in your camera app. This would be usually in the form of a gear icon.

Once there set your camera to the highest resolution. Also make sure that Video stabilisation is enabled.

Then shoot a footage and check to see its quality.

Also, have you set the brightness level of your camera screen to an appropriate one? Try increasing the brightness of the screen to see if you can fix the blurry videos on Android problem.

If you’re in the process of shooting and find that your videos are blurry despite observing the above steps, try these quick fixes.

Quick Solutions to Fix Blurry Videos in Android

Restart Your Android Device

This can be said to be a magic fix for most Android device issues. Try restarting your camera and see how your Android camera performs after rebooting.

Restarting your Android device may fix some ‘hidden issue’ that may be causing it to shoot blurry videos.

Force Stop Your Camera App

Try force stopping your camera app. To do this, go to Settings on your Android device.

Force stop Android camera app 1

Once you’re in the Settings Menu, choose Apps.

Force stop Android camera app 2

Under the Apps menu, choose Camera.

Force stop Android camera app 3

Then tap on the Force Stop button.

Force stop Android camera app 4

Then reopen the camera app and shoot to see if the blurry video problem is fixed.

Boot Your Android Device in Safe Mode

To do this, press and hold your camera Power button. You’ll be brought to your device’s Power options.

Press and hold the Power Off button from the menu.

Keep holding until a pop up window appears. You’ll get the Reboot in safe mode option.

Click on Ok button.

Different Android devices have different ways of booting in safe mode. For example, on my Galaxy S5 Note, you would have to power off the device first. Then power it on. As soon as the Galaxy S5 logo appears, you would have to press the volume down key and the device gets booted in the safe mode.

If the above method doesn’t work, check your device manual on how to boot your Android device in safe mode. Otherwise Google Android device name + safe mode.

Install a Third-Party Camera App

Do you still get blurry videos on your Android despite trying the above fixes? Then try installing a third-party camera app.

The easiest way to do this is to go to Google Play Store and type video camera. You’ll get a list of camera apps that you could try it. You may want to read the reviews before installing any of them.

Android video camera apps in playstore

Check to see if the third-party camera app produces better quality video.

The above are quick steps to prevent and fix blurry videos on Android. Be patient and give each fix a try to solve your blurry video problem.

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