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How to Fix a DVD that Skips and Freezes

How to Fix a DVD that Skips and Freezes

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

If you play a DVD and it either skips or freezes, there could be 2 main reasons.

First, something could be wrong with the DVD.

Second, the issue could be with the DVD player.

Problem with the DVD Player

The easiest way to find out whether the problem is with the DVD is to play the disc on another DVD player.

If the disc plays without freezing or skipping, the issue may be with the DVD player.

You may also want to play the DVD on a computer DVD drive to confirm whether it’s a player issue.

Problem with DVD

If you play the DVD on another player and it skips and freezes, then the problem could be with the disc.

Let’s look at ways you can fix both these issues, starting with the DVD and then with the DVD player.

DVD Player Stability

Before we look at the fixes for the DVD and the DVD player, we ought to look at the surface the DVD player is placed on.

Is the DVD player placed on a shaky or vibrating surface? Avoid operating some other equipment that shakes the surface or vibrates it.

A fixed, stable surface is the first step towards fixing a DVD that skips and freezes.

DVD Fixes

Disc Compatability

If you’re playing a commercial DVD, make sure it is compatible with the region supported by the DVD player. You can’t play a Region 2 disc (Europe) on a Region 1 (USA) player.

If you’ve burned a DVD video, make sure your DVD player accepts the disc format. Most modern DVD players support DVD+R and DVD-R discs.

However, some older players support either DVD +R or DVD-R discs.

Check your DVD manual to find out which format your player supports.

You may also want to learn the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R.

Disc Burning Speed

If your burned disc format is compatible with your DVD player, check your disc burning speed.

Did you burn the DVD at a high speed?

High-speed disc burning gets the job done fast. However, it may give rise to playback errors.

Try burning another disc at a lower speed, maybe at 4x.

Exceeding Disc Storage Capacity

A standard blank DVD can hold up to 4.7GB of data. In other words about 2 hours of video in Standard Play (SP mode).

You must, however, not burn a video that touches the storage limit. If you’ve burned a video that touches 4.7GB or slightly exceeds it, try splitting the video into 2 discs.

If video quality is not a concern and you don’t have spare discs, you may want to burn the DVD in LP or EP mode.

Disc Condition

Check the surface of your DVD. Are there any scratches, smudges, dust, or fingerprints on it?

If so, you need to clean the disc surface with a DVD (disc) cleaner.

If your DVD is badly scratched, here are solutions to fix the scratched DVD without damaging it.

To ensure you don’t have disc-related problems, avoid touching the surface of your DVD.

Also, don’t leave your discs exposed to sunlight or leave them lying around in dusty places.

Always keep your DVDs in their sleeves or cases after playing them back.

Also, keep your DVDs in good storage conditions. Otherwise, your discs may suffer from DVD rot.

DVD Player Fixes

DVD Lens Cleaner

Cleaning your DVD player lens usually fixes a DVD that skips and freezes.

Over time your DVD player may accumulate dust and other particles.

A DVD lens cleaner disc is the easiest and most affordable way to fix the problem.

All you have to do is insert the disc into your DVD player and follow the instructions.

These DVD lens cleaners come with microfiber brushes that do a good job of cleaning your DVD player lens.

Those are the methods to fix a DVD that skips and freezes. Do go through the suggestions and choose the one that fits your situation.

Rip Your DVDs

Video on discs is susceptible to degradation over time. If you don’t want your DVD collection to fall victim to the ravages of time, it pays to convert them to digital files.

If you’ve saved personal memories on your DVDs, rip them to MP4 in case you lose them through a disc defect.

You may use a free DVD ripper for the job.

You must also have a DVD reader, too. If your laptop or computer doesn’t come with one, you can always buy an external USB DVD drive.

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