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How to Find an Unlisted YouTube Video without a Link

Find Unlisted YouTube Video without Link

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

Before you learn how to find an unlisted YouTube video without a link. let’s find out more about unlisted YouTube videos.

The two main types of non-public YouTube videos are private and unlisted videos.

Private YouTube Video Limitation

A private video can only be viewed by those the owner has given access through their email addresses.

If you are given access to view a private YouTube video, you can’t give access to others by sharing the video link. The video can only be viewed by those who have been given access individually by the video owner.

Unlisted YouTube Video Limitation

An unlisted video, too, has limited viewing options. The video will neither appear in the YouTube nor Google search results nor.

In this instance, the owner publishes the video as unlisted and shares the link with selected people.

An unlisted video received by one person can be shared with another person without the owner’s permission.

Why would a Creator want to Publish Unlisted Videos?

Sharing with Selected Individuals

An unlisted video can be shared with anyone compared to a private one. Anyone who has the unlisted video link can view it.

Why would a creator want to publish his video as unlisted when it could be easily viewed by anyone?


The main reason is convenience. What if you make your video private and want to share it with a hundred people? You would have to grant access to the video individually through their email addresses.

This would be a tedious thing to do. Furthermore, you may not have the addresses of all the recipients.

Compare this to sharing an unlisted video with a certain group of people you know on Facebook. You just have to share the link once and selected people can view the video. No need to go through the hassle of giving email access individually.

Unlisted videos will also come useful when you need to quickly share videos with close friends and family members through messaging services like WhatsApp.

Lead Generation and Training Videos

You may use videos for lead generation for your business. Anyone who signs up to be on your email list will receive a video link to view important information. You would want to make the video unlisted so that only people on your list can view it.

Also, if you’re creating video training, you may want to share the videos with only your students. So, it’s faster to share unlisted videos with them, while excluding the rest of the world.

Obtaining Feedback and Detecting Mistakes

Finally, an unlisted video is created to get feedback from certain people. Say, you’re working on an important video project. You want to get feedback from certain people before you release it to the public. An unlisted video will help you towards that end.

Also, if you have a YouTube channel, you want to publish a video as unlisted to view the video and detect mistakes or errors before you publish it.

Finding an Unlisted YouTube Video Without a Link

As explained, you can only watch an unlisted video if you have its link. There are certainly hundreds of thousands or even millions of unlisted videos out there.

An unlisted video is usually something ‘special’, prompting many to discover ways to find and view them.

Or it could be that you signed for a course and you were given unlisted videos. Now you don’t have the links with you and can’t contact the owner to get the links.

So, how do you find these unlisted YouTube videos;

Here are some suggestions on how to find an unlisted YouTube video without a link

YouTube Playlist

You may find an unlisted video in a playlist. Maybe someone out there has created a playlist including the unlisted video as a part of it.

You can use the search playlist function on YouTube as shown in the video below.

Forums and Facebook Groups

Forums are online spaces where content gets shared. They may be useful if you want to find an unlisted YouTube video without a link. Do you know the title of the unlisted video you’re looking for? Even if you remember the creator’s or the channel name, you could post a request.

Chances are someone with the unlisted videos would share the link to the video. If you’ve legitimately signed up for a course, you may even want to show proof of purchase to encourage others to share the links of the unlisted YouTube videos with you through a personal message.

Search Google

You may also want to try your luck with a Google search. Type the title of the video and you may want to even include the keyword ‘unlisted’ in your search.

If you remember the exact title of the video, so much the better. Let say the title of the video is How to Edit an Unlisted YouTube Video. You’ll search “find an unlisted YouTube video without a link” + unlisted.

Embedded Unlisted Videos

While unlisted videos don’t appear for public viewing on YouTube or get listed on search engine results, they can be embedded on a website.

Hopefully, some website or blog has embedded the unlisted YouTube video and you’ll be able to watch it.

Visit Unlisted Videos

If the above methods don’t bear fruit, you may try your luck with Unlisted Videos. This is a website where folks share unlisted videos.

A reminder though before we proceed. The site doesn’t accept all types of unlisted videos. You can’t find videos that infringe on a person’s privacy especially videos that center around individuals or families.

find an unlisted YouTube video without a link 1

Also, videos that have the notification  ‘BLOCK UNLISTEDVIDEOS.COM’ in their description boxes will be excluded from being displayed on the site.

Unlisted Video has more than 600, 000 videos listed. A search function is available for you to try your luck discovering an unlisted YouTube video.

find an unlisted YouTube video without a link 2

If you really need to find an unlisted YouTube video without a link, you should leave no stone unturned searching for it.

This would include searching your email with the title of the unlisted video if it’s part of a course or a training program.

You may have forgotten that the video owner emailed you a link to an unlisted video.

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