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How to Make Your Smartphone Video Stand Out with a Film Look using Free Software

Folm Look for Your Smartphone Videos

Not happy with the run-of-the mill look on your smartphone videos?

Why not give it a film look the next time you should a birthday party, a wedding or a family gathering.

And you don’t have to spend a dime extra to do it as you’ll manage with what you have and a free software called Blender.

Follow the steps in the video and you’ll have friends and family surrounding you demanding to know how you shot the video like film.

Helpful tips include:

  1. your camera set up
  2. using Video sequence editor in Blender.3D scene setup
  3. 3D scene setup
  4. scopes and basic color correction.
  5. export settings.

Now that you have a quick guide, go ahead and shoot and produce you next ‘film look’ smartphone video.

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