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How to Get Audio with DVI to HDMI Converter : FAQ

Audio with DVI to HDMI converter

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

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Before HDMI, there was DVI (Digital Video Interface) connection which transmitted video in an uncompressed form.

These days HDMI rules the roost. If you’ve devices with DVI connections, you may wonder if you could convert them to the versatile HDMI AV signal.

Here are some questions related to DVI to HDMI you may be asking.

As you may already know, DVI carries

Can I Get Sound from DVI to HDMI?

Yes, you can get sound from DVI to HDMI if your DVI connection is of the DVI-D type.

How Do I Get Sound with a DVI to HDMI Converter?

All you have to do is attach a DVI to HDMI comveter as shown in the video below and you’ll get high quality video and sound .

If you aren’t sure whether your DVI connection is DVI-D or not, check with your graphics card manual or through the Internet with your graphics card model.

Can I Also Convert an HDMI signal to DVI with the Same DVI to HDMI Converter?

In most instances, the adapter also works if you would like to connect an HDMI video source to a DVI monitor.

The DVI to HDMI converter is essentially a bi-directional converter. This means you can also output HDMI signal to a DVI monitor.

For instance, you could connect a TV box with an HDMI connection to a DVI-ready computer monitor and watch shows over it.

This is on condition that your monitor comes with built-in speakers.

Read also What is DVI? What are the Different DVI Types?

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