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Burn any PC Video Format into DVD for Free

Last updated on October 13th, 2021 at 03:05 pm

Here’s how to easily burn any PC video file into DVD within Minutes.

Would you like to burn your FLV, Real Video, WMV and other video files direct to DVD without having to convert them first and then bringing them to a disc-authoring program?

Try out the open-source DVD Flick that supports a total of 15 PC video file formats. Check out this DVD Flick Tutorial.

 DVD Flick does its job admirably well for an open-source program. If you’re serious about producing DVDs from PC Video files, then this is the program for you. You don’t have to click on New project to get started with DVD Flick.

Add Title

Let’s start the tutorial  by adding your clips (Add Title) first to DVD
Flick and choose Save Project. 

It’s advisable you do this as soon as possible after loading your clips to avoid redoing the task in case your computer

DVD Flick supports the formats below.  If you have a file whose format is
unlisted, then you can try loading it under All files as shown below.

Edit File

After you have loaded the file you can choose the edit title mode where you can set chapters for your title and even tweak the output aspect ratio.

DVD Capacitor Indicator 

On loading the files, DVD Flick will reveal info related to it. You should note the length of the clip to see it doesn’t exceed the DVD capacity.

DVD Flick provides a vertical indicator bar to your left to see how much disk space will be taken up.

The yellow bar shows that you have sufficient space in your DVD to accommodate your chosen files. If the bar turns red, then you should remove some files to free some space.

Project Settings

Before you start burning your DVD, you may tweak the project settings so that you could obtain the desired result. 


You can set the target size to DVD or DVD Dual Layer and DVD RAM among others. If you want a high-quality output albeit a longer rendering time, then you may choose High under Encoder priority. 

Video Settings 

Target format could be chosen as PAL, NTSC or NTSC-film. Encoding could be Normal, Fast, Fastest or Best.

Target bit rate should in most cases be left at Auto-fit. Let DVD Flick
set the bitrate according to the size of your DVD disc. 

 Audio Settings

You may want to up or lower the volume of the original or leave it as it is at 100%. If you have a home theater system then you could opt for 5.1 surround.

Playback Setting

If you have many titles added, then you would want to choose to play the next file. However, if you have only one title, you can chose the Play it again option or Stop playing.

You can also choose Loop to the first title when the player has finished
with the last title.

Burning Settings

The settings are pretty straightforward. But you may want DVD Flick to back up your project to disc for future use, in which case you tick near the blue icon.
Otherwise, you leave the setting as it is. 

When you’re done with your settings, click Accept and you can even use the
settings as default if you don’t want to make any changes for your next
DVD Flick project.

Create DVD

You need to have enough space on your hard disk to store the encoded DVD file. Otherwise, you would have to remove some titles so that there would be
enough space to proceed. 

DVD Burned  

We tried a ten-minute 24 MB FLV file and it took 14 minutes to encode and burn it to DVD. The resultant file had a size of 621MB.

The quality of the movie, taking into account being encoded from the FLV format was to our satisfaction. 

Anyway, the quality of the output will depend on the quality of your source video. 

Click here to download DVD Flick For Free

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