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DVD Players Still Available for Sale ‘Near Me’: From HDMI Units to Portable Delights

DVD Players for Sale

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

Many would think that DVD players aren’t relevant these days. Yes, when you have the convenience of video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime among others.

Also if you want to watch movies offline there’s the Blu-ray player, offering unsurpassed visual quality.

But then not everyone is ready for Netflix. What if you have time only to catch a few odd shows every month? You wouldn’t want to throw your money down the drain for a service you hardly use.

Chances are the movies you want to watch are not available on Netflix or Blu-ray. Or your budget may not allow you to invest in a Blu-ray player yet.

Maybe you have amassed a huge collection of DVDs and want to play them. However, you find that you can’t power your DVD player on.

So, there’s a need for a replacement DVD player.

DVD players are still available for sale to provide you with hours of fun and entertainment.

Benefits of Buying a DVD Player?


With Blu-ray players now in vogue, the prices of DVD players have fallen. If you have a huge collection of DVD movies, it’s worth your money buying a DVD player now.

Modern Features

DVD players aren’t what they used to be. They now boast a host of modern features that raise eyebrows.

In some models, there are built-in apps for services like Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney Plus.

This would be useful if you don’t have a Smart TV.

So, when you get bored of watching your DVDs you can switch to streaming services to catch the latest shows.

Improved Connectivity

Some DVD player models come with USB ports. Apart from playing DVDs, you can play your videos through a thumb drive or an external hard disk.

You may even want to rip your DVDs to MP4, copy them to your thumb drive and play over your HDTV without having to switch discs.

In this way, you preserve your original disc and protect them from smudges or scratches.

Ripping your DVDs to MP4 will also guard you against DVD rot.

Some units even come with HDMI connectivity to allow you to connect it to your Smart TV without extra cables

Improved Picture Quality

The HDMI connectivity allows for the upscaling of video quality. You won’t see a drastic improvement in picture quality, though.

Remember, DVD offers only Standard Definition (SD) video quality. But with an HDMI connection, you’ll minimize AV signal loss when it’s sent from the player to the TV.

You’ll enjoy a better-quality video than with an RCA or S-Video connection.

Let’s now look at the types of DVD players for sale. .

Standard DVD Player

This DVD player will play back standard DVDs, CDs, VCDs, and SVCDs.

Most of them will also play DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM, too. So, if you’ve converted for VHS, 8mm, and Mini-DV to DVD, then a standard DVD player should play back your DVDs.

Anyway, before buying, check what DVD recordable and rewritable formats a particular DVD player supports.

So, if you just want to enjoy your collection of DVDs now and then, get a standard DVD player. Especially if you’re going to connect it to an SDTV (Standard Definition TV).

An example of a standard DVD player is the Sony DVPSR210P.

DVD Players with HDMI Out

With the advent of HDTVs, DVD players have been modified to include an HDMI port.

This would be the player you want to buy if the budget permits.

It gives you digital connectivity, saving you the hassle of connecting it via analog cables to your TV,

Most HDMI DVD players, come with USB connectivity as well.

So, go for this unit if you’re fond of playing video files in digital format.

An example of a DVD player with HDMI output is the Panasonic DVD-S700.

Also, check out Top DVD Players with HDMI Output.

DVD -VCR (VHS) Combo

This is a combination player that not only plays DVDs but also VHS tapes.

You would need a DVD – VCR combo if you also have VHS tapes to play.

It saves you the trouble of having to buy a separate DVD and VHS players.

Some of these combo players also support the playback of S-VHS.

So, with a DVD -VCR combo you can play almost all popular AV formats except Blu-ray and audio tape.

An example of a DVD-VCR combo is the Panasonic PV-D4743S.

Apart from playing popular audio and video formats, it also supports the playback of WMA and photo CDs (JPEG).

Be reminded though that a DVD-VCR player combo doesn’t allow recording. You can’t record a DVD to a VHS tape.

Check out more DVD-VCR combo players for sale.

Portable DVD players

DVDs players need not be bulky equipment fit to only sit on your TV cabinet. You don’t necessarily have to enjoy DVD movies in your living room.

You can enjoy the DVD experience on the go, too. How? With a portable DVD player.

How does a portable DVD player work? It works pretty much like a standard DVD player. It’s built with mobility in mind.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 hours.

The best part is you don’t have to connect it to a TV screen.

Watching a DVD on a portable DVD player is very much like watching a movie on your laptop computer.

It would be ideal as a companion for restless kids on a long holiday trip.

An example of a portable DVD player is the ieGeek Portable DVD Player.

It comes with a USB port and an SD card slot.

Check out more Top Portable DVD Players for sale.

Car DVD Player

A car DVD player is another kind of portable DVD player. Only that it looks very much like a tablet.

They are often called car portable headrest video players. They are strapped onto the front seat headrests for the viewing pleasure of backseat passengers.

Mobility and portability are the top selling points.

They come with rechargeable batteries that can last up to 5 hours.

What’s more, you can also sync playback on an additional screen, called a slave monitor. This would drain battery power faster though.

While there’s USB and SD card support, there isn’t HDMI connectivity. So, if you plan to connect the car DVD player to your HDTV, you would have to use RCA cables.

A car DVD player you may want to check out is the Fangor Dual Car DVD Player.

The above selection is a quick list of DVD players for sale. Research and explore the ideas further to make an informed buying decision.

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