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What’s the difference between a DVD Player and a DVD Recorder ?

Difference Between a DVD player and a DVD recorder

Is a DVD Player the Same as a DVD Recorder?

A DVD player is the same as a DVD recorder when it comes to playing back a DVD.

A DVD player is not the same as a DVD recorder when it comes to recording on DVDs. Only a DVD recorder can record on a DVD. A DVD player can’t.

Let’s look at the difference(s) between a DVD player and a DVD recorder.

DVD Player

A DVD player works very much like a VCR. Instead of popping in a VHS tape into the machine, you pop in a disc. A DVD player reads DVD, audio CD, VCD and SVCD.

Some players also support the playback of DVD Audio.

Most DVD players also read discs burned with a computer DVD writer. Thus you can watch VHS home movies which you convert to digital and burn to a DVD through a computer video editing program and DVD burning software.

DVD Recorder

When we mention a DVD recorder, it could mean two types of devices – a computer DVD recorder or a standalone unit like a VCR.

Computer DVD Recorder

A DVD recorder attached to a computer (usually called a DVD writer or burner) can be an internal unit or external unit.

Most newer computers, especially laptops don’t come with a built-in DVD writer. So, if you would like to record to DVD, you would need an external DVD writer a recorder.

A computer DVD recorder can record all types of digital files from computer software, video files, and data files.

It uses blank DVD+/-R or DVD+/-RW or DVD RAM.

Standalone DVD Recorder

A standalone DVD recorder is one that’s connected to a TV. It can be used to play back DVD. However, it’s primary purpose is to record on DVD.

A Standalone DVD recorder can only record video. It can’t record data or a computer software program.

You can record a TV show with a DVD recorder using DVD+/-R or DVD+/-RW or DVD RAM.

However, if you want to record a commercial DVD or VHS movie to a DVD in a standalone DVD recorder, you may be blocked by Macrovision copy protection.

You can now see that the difference between a DVD player and a DVD recorder. iIt s the DVD recorder’s ability to record videos which sets it apart from the DVD player, which can only play back DVD.

Watch this video to learn how to start recording video with a DVD recorder.

DVD Recorder vs DVR

A DVD recorder should not be confused with a DVR.

A DVR records television programs, too. However, it doesn’t record to disc. It has a built-in hard disk to store recordings.

Read more about DVR.

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