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Can You Record on a DVD Player from Your TV?

can you record on a DVD player from your TV.

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:33 am

A DVD Player Can’t Record Your TV Show

No, you can’t record on a DVD player from your TV.

Yes, a DVD player can only play back her DVD or CD.

It’s not meant for recording

To record on a DVD player from your TV, the player must also be a DVD recorder.

A DVD recorder is also a DVD player

How to Record a TV Show with Your DVD Recorder

The quickest way to record a TV show is to connect your DVD recorder to your DVR video output ports.

DVRs come with HDMI , composite and even S-Video outputs.

While the HDMI output is used to connect your DVR to your TV, you can use the RCA or the composite output from the DVR.

If your DVR comes with an S-Video out, you can use it to connect to your DVD recorder for better picture quality.

Even if you have a spare HDMI output in your DVR you can’t posssibly record in HDMI mode as there are no known DVD recorders that have an HDMI input.

Once you have decided on the right connection from your DVR to your DVD recorder you are ready to start recording

Choosing the Appropriate Recordable DVD

Make sure you insert the right blank DVD into your DVD recorder that is either DVD +R DVD -R or DVD + RW or DVD-RW.

These days DVD recorders support all of the above blank DVD formats. Still, it would be a good idea to check your DVD recorder manual to know the types of recordable DVD supported.

Do a Test Recording First

It’s advisable to do a test recording using a DVD+/-RW (rewritable disc) to see if your connection from your DVR to the DVD recorder works.

Bear in mind, most channels are copy-protected by their providers making recording from a DVR to a DVD recorder impossible.

When you do a test recording with a rewritable DVD you avoid wasting blank DVDs that record nothing.

With a rewritable DVD you can erase the disc and use it for another recording. This is useful if you only want to watch a show once and no more.

DVD+/-R can’t be erased. Once recorded, it’s permanent.

Note that if you want to play your recorded show over other DVD players, you’ll have to finalize it.

Please refer to your DVD recorder manual for instructions.

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