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How to Bypass the Daily Upload Limit on YouTube

Bypass the Daily Upload Limit on YouTube

Last updated on February 2nd, 2024 at 07:25 am

This post will give you suggestions on how to bypass the daily upload limit on YouTube. First, it will explain why the limit is imposed. Then it will provide possible reasons why your channel might have been slapped with the limit.

When you created a YouTube channel, you may have been under the impression that you can upload any number of videos in a single day.

That is until you have been hit with the following message – Daily upload limit reached.

The message says that you would have to wait for the next day before you can upload more videos.

Well, this would not bother many as they can always wait for 24 hours to pass before they upload more videos.

Bypass the Daily Upload Limit on YouTube -Daily Upload limit reached message

But then, what if a series of videos have to be uploaded on the same day? The videos may no longer be topical or relevant if you upload them the next day.

Before we examine if there’s a way to bypass the upload limit on YouTube, let’s look at why YouTube limits daily video uploads.

Watch the video guide below to quickly learn how to fix the problem of the daily upload limit reached on YouTube.

Why Does YouTube Impose a Daily Upload Limit?

According to YouTube support, the daily upload limit is imposed to ‘ensure safety’.

Now, YouTube doesn’t explain what that means. But then we can take it to mean that the limit protects the platform from spam content.

There will certainly be folks who blast video after video into the YouTube platform for personal gain.

So, when uploading videos, YouTube looks at its interests first before considering yours.

For example, when YouTube was first launched in 2005, it allowed any video length to be uploaded. But in 2006, it limited any single video upload to 10 minutes. Why? Because many were abusing the platform by uploading copyrighted videos, especially TV shows.

So, whenever YouTube identifies a facility open to abuse, it limits the facility.

But what if you’ve no record of uploading spam videos and still get slapped with a daily upload limit?

Then, you would have to look at your Channel’s record. You may not be in the good books of YouTube.

Copyright Strike

If your Channel has copyright strikes, you are not in YouTube’s good books. A copyright strike happens when you upload a copyrighted video and the copyright owner submits a takedown request.

So, if your channel has copyright strike(s), there’s no way to fix the YouTube daily upload limit reached problem.

The best you can do is avoid such a strike in the future so that the current limit isn’t further tightened.

Community Guidelines Strike

Your daily upload limit can be a result of a community guidelines strike. If you have been uploading inappropriate content to YouTube and received a strike, then there will be a cap on your daily upload quota.

Your Region or Location

YouTube has also specified that the daily limit can be imposed because you’re uploading from a certain country.

There are countries where the YouTube upload volume is high. To protect the platform, YouTube will impose a daily upload limit.

If you’re from such a country, then there’s no way you can bypass the daily upload limit.

Suspicious Behavior

A daily upload limit can also be imposed on Your channel if YouTube detects suspicious behavior.

Automatic Uploading

You could be using automation software to blast out videos to YouTube every few minutes or so.

I recently watched a video where a coder was trying to create an automatic YouTube channel.

He would scrape content from Reddit, turn the text into speech with software, auto-create a video with images and upload it automatically to YouTube.

Result: he could not even upload a single video.

The message he got was processing abandoned. The video could not be processed.

He gave up the idea of creating an automatic YouTube channel.

The message here is if you try to game YouTube, you’ll end up a loser.

Using Your Channel for Video Storage

When you create a YouTube channel, YouTube gives you unlimited space to upload your videos. No matter how large your videos are, rest assured that they’ll get published on your channel.

Taking advantage of this, some are using their channel to back up their videos instead of publishing them.

One user on Reddit admitted that he was using his channel to back up his favourite videos. He would upload dozens of videos and set them to private.

So, is there a Way to Bypass the Daily Upload Limit?

Some videos on YouTube say the daily upload can be bypassed. One said you can upload your video to export to YouTube from a video editor instead of logging in to YouTube through your browser.

He said this would help you to bypass the daily upload limit. However, the video doesn’t show him actually overcoming the daily upload limit.

Another Youtuber tells you to send feedback to YouTube, asking them to lift the daily upload limit.

He said this method works 100%. However, he can’t provide proof. However, one user said he tried sending feedback to YouTube and never got a reply.

Another user has tried appealing to YouTube to raise the upload limit without success, too.

Bypass the Daily Upload Limit on YouTube - appealing to YouTube

If YouTube is going to impose a daily upload limit to protect its platform, it is certainly going to close all loopholes that can help bypass the limit.

So, it could safely be said if a limit has been imposed on your daily upload limit, you would have to wait for 24 hours to upload more videos.

What You Shouldn’t Do to Overcome YouTube’s Daily Upload Limit

You may be tempted to use certain workarounds to overcome the daily upload limit imposed on you by YouTube.

You may have come across the following suggestions. Don’t resort to such actions as you risk penalty from YouTube, including account and channel termination.

Creating Multiple YouTube Accounts

You may be thinking of creating multiple YouTube accounts with different email addresses. This, of course, will allow you to upload more videos as it’s a new account.

But then, if YouTube detects that you’ve created different YouTube accounts for mass video uploads, you may be penalized.

This is especially so if you upload the same kind of videos as that in the restricted channel.

Creating Multiple Channels

Creating multiple channels would allow you to upload more videos. However, if you’re using the method to beat the YouTube system, it won’t be long before you get in a hot soup.

It would be time before YouTube detects a duplicate channel in the same account and takes the necessary action. You may even get your entire account with the other channels terminated.

Using a Different IP Address

You may consider using a VPN service if your daily upload limit has been restricted due to your location.

A VPN service can offer you a different IP address from a region with a high upload limit.

Will this work? It may work in the short term. Unless you’re a fly-by-night creator, don’t resort to this tactic.

It will take time before YouTube tracks you down with a penalty.

Case Study

Someone reported in a forum that a particular channel was mass uploading YouTube shorts at the rate of a video per minute.

This poster wanted to find out how the uploader bypassed the YouTube system.

But then this channel did not last long. Its account was terminated due to a violation of YouTube Community Guidelines.

Bypass the Daily Upload Limit on YouTube - terminated due to a violation of YouTube Community Guidelines.

The message here is it’s a matter of time before you’re caught trying to game YouTube.

What You Can Do to Overcome YouTube’s Daily Upload Limit

The methods below may work to overcome YouTube’s daily upload limit.

Uploading Longer Form Video

One way of overcoming the upload restriction is to combine your videos into a single one.

YouTube allows you to upload a single video of up to 12 hours in length if you have a verified channel.

There’s no reason why you’ll be penalized for combining clips into a single video unless you’re uploading spammy content.

But then your audience may not be interested in longer videos.

You may, however, generate interest by creating chapters for your video.

Schedule Video Uploads

Instead of mass-blasting videos to your channel, why don’t you schedule the videos to be uploaded once a day?

This will give YouTube the impression that you’re not out to game the system. Instead, you’ll earn a reputation as a consistent creator.

Some creators have reported increasing their daily upload limit after resorting to this strategy.

Is it Guaranteed that You Can Upload a New Video After 24 Hours?

Although YouTube says you can upload more videos after 24 hours, this is not guaranteed.

Some users have complained that the upload limit had not been lifted even after 24 hours had passed.

Video Guide

Watch the video below for a recap of what you have learned above.

Table Summary

Here’s a table summary of the essential points relating to YouTube’s daily upload limit.

Reason for LimitExplanationPotential Workarounds
Prevent Abuse:Limit spam, automated uploads, and abusive content. Large-scale uploads could overwhelm system resources and negatively impact user experience.Break videos into smaller parts and upload them in batches throughout the day. Schedule releases in advance to avoid exceeding daily limits.
Content Moderation:Ensure uploaded videos comply with community guidelines. Videos require processing and review to identify potential violations.Upload and schedule smaller videos for faster review. Utilize YouTube’s upload queue to ensure videos are reviewed in order.
Bandwidth Management:Maintain smooth server performance and avoid overloading YouTube’s infrastructure. Large uploads can slow down servers and impact user experience.Utilize off-peak hours for uploading long or large videos. Consider using different upload locations with better internet bandwidth.
Security and Copyright Protection:Minimize potential security risks and prevent copyright infringement. Large-scale uploads could be used for malicious purposes or unauthorized content distribution.Thoroughly research copyright regulations before uploading. Utilize YouTube’s Content ID system to identify and manage copyright claims.
Account Protection:Safeguard users from accidental deletion or unauthorized uploads. Unrestricted uploads could lead to accidental deletion of large batches of content.Implement two-factor authentication for added account security. Carefully review and confirm uploads before finalizing.
YouTube daily upload limit explanation and workaround

Points to Remember

  • Daily upload limits vary depending on account verification, channel history, and potential copyright strikes.
  • YouTube provides tools like upload queues and scheduling to manage large video batches within daily limits.
  • Focus on creating high-quality content over exceeding daily upload limits. Consistent engagement and audience growth are key to long-term success on YouTube.

I hope this table clarifies the reasons for the daily upload limit and offers practical workarounds to help you navigate your YouTube content creation journey.

Remember, responsible content creation and audience engagement are essential for success on this platform, regardless of upload limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the daily upload limit anyway?

It depends on your account status:

Unverified accounts: 15 minutes total video upload per day.

Verified accounts: 12 hours or 256 GB, whichever comes first.

What Can I Do if I Hit the Limit?

Don’t panic! Here are your options:

  • Wait 24 hours: The most straightforward solution is to chill for a day, and your limit will reset.
  • Break it down: Slice your longer video into smaller parts and upload them in batches throughout the day.
  • Schedule for later: Utilize YouTube’s scheduling feature to queue your videos for release after the limit resets.
  • Utilize off-peak hours: Upload big files during less busy periods to avoid straining server resources.

Is there anything else I can do besides waiting and chopping up my videos?

Absolutely! Focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience. Building a loyal fanbase and consistent engagement can lead to YouTube granting you increased upload limits in the future. Remember, quality over quantity always wins!

So, there you have it! The daily upload limit might seem like a hurdle, but with some planning and creativity, you can easily overcome it and keep the content flowing on your excellent YouTube channel.

Table Summary on Daily Upload Limit Reasons

To help you better understand the reasons behind the YouTube daily upload limit, we have presented some useful information in the table below.

ReasonExplanationBenefitsAlternative Solutions
Account VerificationVerified channels have significantly higher upload limits than unverified ones.Prevents abuse and spam by requiring verification for higher upload privileges.N/A
Channel HistoryChannels with violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines or copyright policies may face reduced upload limits or even suspensions.Encourages responsible content creation and protects users from harmful content.N/A
Content TypeUploading longer videos or higher resolutions requires more processing power and storage space.Manages server resources effectively, ensuring smooth platform operation and consistent video quality for all users.– Split longer videos into shorter chapters or series. – Partner with verified channels for cross-promotion or co-productions. – Utilize platforms with less stringent upload limits for specific content types (e.g., Vimeo for high-resolution films).
Processing IssuesOccasional technical issues during video processing can temporarily limit uploads.Channels violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines or copyright policies may face reduced upload limits or even suspensions.Retry uploading later or contact YouTube support for assistance.
Storage QuotasChannels have a finite storage quota, and exceeding it can prevent further uploads.Promotes efficient storage allocation and prevents channels from hoarding excessive content.– Regularly delete older or less popular videos. – Upgrade storage quota through YouTube Premium or Google One subscriptions (if available).
Encouraging shorter videos or lower resolutions helps ensure a consistent viewing experience for all users, regardless of their internet connection or device capabilities.Limiting uploads helps prevent bad actors from flooding the platform with harmful content.Creates a safer and more enjoyable experience for all users.N/A
Ensure smooth platform operationProcessing and storing large amounts of video content requires significant resources, and limits help YouTube manage this effectively.Guarantees the platform’s stability and performance for everyone.N/A
Maintain video qualityEnsures smooth processing and avoids potential errors or glitches impacting user experience.Ensures optimal quality regardless of user bandwidth or device limitations.Utilize encoding tools to optimize video compression while maintaining acceptable quality.

Useful Resources

Here are some useful resources relating to YouTube’s daily upload limit.

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