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How to Choose the Best Video Camera Glasses: Spy Glasses for Collecting Evidence

Best Video Camera Glasses

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:31 am

There will be situations when you need to collect video or audio evidence. And you need to do it without anyone noticing it. A camcorder or a smartphone would not be suitable in these instances to record video.

This is when a spy camera will come in handy. Spy cameras come in the form of everyday objects that don’t draw the attention of others. Examples are spy pen cameras, lighter cameras, and so on.

More than Recording Evidence

A pair of video camera glasses is one of the best spy cameras. It looks exactly like spectacles anyone would wear. What’s more, nobody would notice that a camera is built into it.

Video camera glasses aren’t only used to record evidence stealthily. They can also be used for other purposes like recording sporting events, walking tours, meetings, lectures, and so on.

Also, you can use it as a dashcam while driving.

Video camera glasses would make a perfect gift for kids, especially for outdoor activities like hiking and nature walks.

An advantage of video camera glasses is they record at eye level. Other spy cameras would require you to clip them to your pocket and so on. You may not get the shots you require.

Before we check out the best video camera glasses, let’s take a look at how they work.

How Do Video Camera Glasses Work?

These hidden eyewear DVR video recorders capture video, audio, and even snap photographs and store the files in a micro SD card. The card slot is not visible unless you look hard enough.

They have built-in batteries which need to be charged through a USB connection.

Battery power, depending on the model you choose, can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour when fully charged.

You power on the video camera glasses when you need to record. Buttons are hidden behind the glasses, You can switch between video and still image recordings.

To transfer recorded footage, you can use a USB connection to transfer it to your computer to edit and share.

You can even use the video camera glasses as a webcam if your computer doesn’t have one. All you have to do is remove the SD card.

Video Quality

The best video camera glasses can record in 1080p mode. However, don’t expect the quality you would get with a DSLR or a high-end smartphone.

Remember, it’s the content that matters, not the quality. After all, these eyeglasses with cameras are used in situations where a DSLR or a camcorder isn’t practical.


Memory card storage of up to 32GB is supported. That would be sufficient to give you a good few hours of recording.

Video Camera Glasses Cons

Despite the usefulness of these wearable cameras as mentioned, they are not without drawbacks. You could put up with most of them, though.

Recording Quality

Even the best video camera glasses may not give you good quality images or videos in ill-lit areas. So, you’ll have to use them in well-lit areas.

Be informed that, you’ll not get the recording quality of a DSLR, camcorder, or smartphone, as mentioned earlier. The whole idea here is recording with the spy camera glasses without being noticed. That’s something you can’t do with your usual gadgets,

Although picture quality may be wanting in poor lighting conditions, the audio recording doesn’t suffer when using these portable video recorders.

So, if you need an audio recording of a meeting or a presentation, or a lecture, these spectacles with hidden cameras would come in handy.

Memory Card Compatability

Also, they may not be compatible with all micro SD (TF) cards. So, you’ll have to get ready with a few micro SD cards to see which works.

If you’re concerned about memory card compatibility, you should order a pair of hidden video recording glasses that come with a micro SD card. These cards are usually preformatted and all you gave to do us in is insert them in the card slots of the spy glasses and start recording.

Video Recording Format

Certain hidden video recording glasses record in the AVI format. This is a Microsoft proprietary format. So, if you’re using a Mac to edit your videos, this format would not be supported. But then you can always use a video converter to convert your video to a universal format like MP4.

Video Camera Glasses Buying Ideas

Here are some video camera glasses buying ideas you can check out to choose the best model that suits your requirement.

You can choose a pair of plain video camera glasses for indoor use or video camera sunglasses for outdoor use.

SMSELER 1080p Video Camera Glasses

These glasses come bundled with a 32 GB micro SD card to get you started using them right away.

They’re plain-looking glasses guaranteed not to attract any attention.

Fully charged, you can record up to an hour of video.

The Video recording format is in AVI but most video editors support this format. Users have reported good audio quality with these spectacles.

You can use it as a dashcam when driving and as a webcam. Basically, if most of your recordings will be done indoors under good lighting conditions, you’ll be happy with these glasses.

Check out the SMSELER 1080p Video Camera Glasses.

Newwings Bluetooth Sunglasses Camera with UV Protection Lens

Looking for video camera glasses with UV protection for outdoor use especially if you’re into action sports?

These video camera sunglasses don’t only come with Full HD video recording but also with Bluetooth compatibility.

So, how does the Bluetooth function work? With the Bluetooth headset that comes along with the package, you can answer phone calls and even listen to music when connected to your mobile phone. Very convenient when you’re driving.

The manufacturer says you can get up to 90 minutes of recording time with a fully charged battery. So, you’re safe if you’re shooting anything under an hour.

Check out the Newwings Bluetooth video camera glasses.

OhO Video Sunglasses for Adventure Sports and Rough Outdoor Use

If you engage in an outdoor activity under trying or hazardous conditions, this is the video glasses to go for.

So, if you’re into cycling, hunting, or rock climbing, these video sunglasses would capture footage that would make you proud of your efforts.

On the safety side, this is one of the best video camera glasses. It offers impact-resistant lenses to protect your eyes and face, Of course, there’s 100% UV protection. And there’s the interchangeable lens when using them for action sports.

The Full HD video camera which records in the MOV format also captures images up to a resolution of 15MP.

A standout feature of these video camera glasses is it supports memory card of up to 512GB. It comes with a 32GB micro SD card to get you started capturing video.

Check out the OhO Video Sunglasses for Adventure Sports.

Also, spend some time with this selection of the best video camera glasses.

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