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Best VHS-C Camcorders : VHS-C Camcorders Still Available for Sale

Best VHS-C camcorders for sale

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

What is a VHS-C Camcorder?

A VHS-C camera is a miniature version of a VHS camcorder. Almost everything about the camcorder is the same as a VHS camera.

Most importantly, they are of the same type of magnetic recording tape with the same 1.2-inch width.

What differs are the tape and the camera sizes.

A VHS-C camera uses a compact version of the VHS tape.

As such it’s called VHS-Compact (VHS-C).

At one time the VHS-C camcorders enjoyed the reputation of being the smallest video cameras available.

That was before 8mm video format made its entrance.

VHS-C Popularity

A smaller tape meant a smaller camcorder that could be carried around without drawing unnecessary attention.

Before VHS-C camcorders, you had to lug around a VHS camera mounting it on your shoulder.

Easy Playback

After you’ve shot your video, you don’t need the video camera to play your tape. You can conveniently and affordably use a VHS-C tape adapter to play back your tapes on a VCR.

This is not the case with 8mm or mini-DV tapes. If you didn’t want to use your camcorder for tape playback, you would have to buy a separate 8mm VCR or mini DV tape player.

VHS-C Video Quality

As mentioned earlier, VHS-C is VHS’ unidentical twin. It shares VHS video quality which is a resolution of 240 lines.

VHS-C Drawback

The main drawback of the VHS-C format is tape length. When VHS-C made its entry into the home video market, its tape length was a measly 20 minutes.

Later it was extended to 30 minutes. Of course, you get a longer recording time if you shoot your video in Extended Play (EP) mode.

VHS-C Camcorders No Longer in Production

Almost all VHS-related products are no longer available. In these days of HD video and memory card recording, VHS or VHS-C is considered an obsolete format.

VHS-C Camcorders for Sale

You can’t buy a new VHS-C camcorder. If you need one to play back your tapes or shoot with it, you would have to source for a used unit online.

Best VHS-C Camcorders

Here are among the best VHS-C camcorders still available for sale online.

Panasonic VHS-C Camcorders

Panasonic PV-L550 VHS-C Camcorder

This camcorder comes with such special features as image stabilization, low-light shooting, night vision and an anti-shake function.

Optical zoom is at 18x whereas digital zoom goes up to a maximum of 150x.

The width of the LCD screen is 2.5 inches.

There’s a built-in light for shooting in low-light conditions.

Check out the Panasonic PV-L550 VHS-C Camcorder.

Panasonic PV-L454 VHS-C Camcorder

This VHS-C camcorder comes with a 270,000-pixel CCD.

Zoom capability is 20x (optical zoom) and digital zoom is at 750x. Additionally, image stabilization is included.

Apart from the 2.5-inch LCD and color viewfinder, the camcorder has a built-in light.

Shutter speed can be set to auto or between 1/60 and 1/10,000).

Check out the Panasonic PV-L454 VHS-C Camcorder.

Also, check out the full range of VHS-C camcorders available for sale.

RCA VHS-C Camcorders

Check out the following RCA VHS-C camcorders.

RCA CC6374 VHS-C Camcorder

A notable feature of this RCA VHS-C camcorder is the color viewfinder. It comes with a 2.5-inch LCD color screen as well.

Optical zoom goes up to a maximum of 16x whereas digital zoom is at 400x.

Camera shakes are taken care of by the digital image stabilization feature.

Check out the RCA CC6374 VHS-C Camcorder.

RCA CC6254 VHS-C Camcorder 

This RCA VHS-C camcorder comes with 16x optical zoom and 400x digital zoom.

Digital image stabilization is supported. The electronic viewfinder is of the monochrome type.

It has a built-in light that saves you the trouble of getting an external camcorder light.

There are seven programmed Auto Exposure (AE) modes to help you get the best video in different lighting conditions.

Check out the RCA CC6254 VHS-C Camcorder.

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