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Turn Your Articles into Instant Videos with these Top Online Text to Video Converters

Best Online Text to Video Converters

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:18 am

Video creation is a tedious and time-consuming process. Video creators are always looking for ways to minimize production time.

One way of doing it is by creating slideshow videos. Slideshow videos dispense with the need to set up a camera and lighting, among others.

While this saves time to a certain extent, time is still needed to write a script, look for appropriate images and videos to get the message across.

Among these, scriptwriting will take a major portion of the time.

One way of reducing scriptwriting time is to use an existing article or blog post.

Your article or blog post may already be attracting enough readers. Maybe the demand for the topic is also high on a video platform like YouTube. So, you want to leverage that and repurpose the article into a video script.

Once you’ve got your script ready, you can start copying and pasting text to the slides you create in Powerpoint or your video editor.

Once done with the text copying process, you’ll have to look for suitable images and videos to illustrate the text on the slides.

It’s still a time-consuming and tedious process.

One way to minimize time and effort is to use an online text to video converter.

Why Use an Online Text to Video Converter?

No Software Installation

If you already have enough software programs installed on your computer, you don’t need to worry about adding another.

An online text to video converter can be used anywhere on any computer. All you need is Internet access.

Your projects will be saved online and you can continue working on them on any other computer.

Wide Choice of Templates

With a desktop video editor, you would have to design your slideshow templates. Even if templates are available, they would be rather limited.

Online text-to-video converters have a wider range of templates for you to choose from. Hundreds or even thousands of them.

Whether you want to publish your videos on YouTube or social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, there will be a variety of templates to choose from.

More often than not, you would just have to customize any of these templates with your text, images, or videos.

So, you save the time and hassle of designing your slideshow.

Automatic Video and Image Selection

With a desktop video editor, you would have to prepare your video and images.

These images must be copyright-free. You may want to rely on free stock photo and video sites that offer copyright-free stock images and videos.

Since they’re free, you may not find appropriate videos or images that would fit the requirements of your slideshow topic.

You may have to buy premium licensed stock images. This involves cost.

Online text-to-video converters come bundled with image and video libraries. All you have to do is type the keyword of the images or video you’re looking for. Within seconds you’ll be presented with image and video options you can choose from. Certainly a time and money saver.

Soundtrack and Music

Online text-to-video converters also come up with stock music. This saves you the trouble of looking for a suitable background. Also, you don’t have to worry about whether a particular track you’ll be using is copyright-free.

Upload Directly to Your Preferred Platform

Most of these text-to-video creators online allow you to upload directly to YouTube or other social media platforms after your video creation is done.

This saves you the trouble of downloading your video, logging in to your YouTube account, and then uploading your video.

So, if you’re looking to quickly create a text slideshow video, here are some text-to-video converters online you ought to consider.

That said, let’s look at some top article-to-video converters to help you enjoy the above benefits.

InVideo Article to Video Creator

InVideo is an online video editor that offers over 5000 templates for various types of video creation. It also comes with over 9 million video assets in the form of images, videos, and audio clips.

One of the standout features of InVideo is the article to a video module.

Just copy and paste the text of your video into Invideo’s text editor. Alternatively, you can use your article URL to pull text. If you don’t have an article ready, you can start scripting your video directly in InVideo.

For best results, assign a line for each main point and break up long paragraphs, into single lines.

Once you’re done with it, a storyboard will be created for you. You can proceed to tweak and edit the storyboard.

This is where you can reorder scenes and break up long sentences.

If you find that an image doesn’t fit the text on the slide, you can drag a suitable one from the library panel on the left.

Next, add a suitable audio clip and preview your video.

If you’re satisfied, export it and your video is ready to be published.

Check out the InVideo article to video creator.

Wave Video Text to Video Converter

Wave Video works very much like InVideo.

Start by going to My Projects.

When you hit Create, you’ll be presented with an option to create a video from text or a blog post.

Wave video text to video converter

For text, you must have the text ready to be copied and pasted. If you want to convert a blog post into a video, you would just have to copy and paste its URL.

For the text option, you can make use of the AI facility to minimize your text if you think it’s long.

If you’ve already edited your text, you can choose the Use my text as is.

Wave video text to video converter 2

With the blog post to video option, you can choose the duration of your video and the length of text on a scene.

Wave video text to video converter 3

After setting your preferences, Wave will auto-generate your video. Video clips will be assembled on the timeline for you to tweak.

An audio track will be added as well by default.

Wave video text to video converter 4

If you’re not happy with the suggested visuals, you can click on the Replace button. The same applies to the audio track.

You can then import your own images or videos or get any from the stock library.

Wave video text to video converter 5

Done with your selection and changes you can proceed to hit the Publish button to output your video.


Lumen5, too, has the facility to import an article or blog post through an URL. You’ll be presented with this option soon after you choose a template to work on.

Entering the URL will pull the text from your article or blog post. This would include the headings and subheadings.

So, you would have to clean up your text a little before converting your article to a video.

Lumen5 text to video converter

Once you’re done cleaning up your text, you can then convert your text to video.

Lumen5 text to video converter 2

Once the text is imported to the slides, you can make the necessary changes. You can even edit the text.

Lumen5 text to video converter 3

You may replace images from the media library panel on the left.

Lumen5 text to video converter 4

You may preview your video before publishing it.

Lumen5 is an easy online text to video converter program to use. You can get started with it within minutes.

Check out the video below to get an idea of how the Lumen5 text to video generator works.

Key to Productivity

Online Text to Video creators are indeed a boon to beginners without video editing skills.

Templates and drag and drop facility allow you to create compelling videos without much fuss.

Anyone watching these videos will think that you have used a professional video editor to create your masterpieces.

This online text-to-video converters will encourage you to create more videos to promote your business or create added visibility for your brand.

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