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What is the AWB Audio File Format? How Do You Open and Convert It to MP3 and WAV?

AWB Audio File Format - Convert to MP3

Last updated on December 6th, 2022 at 03:07 am

This post will explain what the AWB audio format is and how to open and convert it to MP3 and WAV.

AWB stands for Adaptive Multi-Rate – Wideband.

It is not much different from an AMR file. Only that it supports a wider frequency bandwidth.

The bandwidth supported ranges from 50Hz to 7KHz. AWB is also capable of supporting at least 9 unique bitrates, ranging from 6.6kbps to 23.85kbps.

AWB files come with the .awb extension.

AWB History

The AWB file format was developed by

The AWB files were developed by the Nokia Research Center in 2000.

They are essentially speech code files designed to work with cellular phone networks.

They transport speech data and voice recordings.

AWB Codec

The compression technology used for AWB is based on Algebraic Code Excitation Linear Prediction.

This is the same compression used for the AMR and EFR formats.

Where is AWB Used?

The AWB file format is used in the mobile telephone environment. Nokia True Tones are created in the format.

AWB File Opener Programs

There are a number of media players that can open AWB files.

If you have the VLC Media Player installed on your computer, you should use it to open AWB files.

You can also use the AMR Player to open AWB files.

Other AWB file openers you can use are

  1. FairStars Audio Converter
  2. Nokia Multimedia Converter

Convert AWB to MP3

Since AWB isn’t a popular audio format, you may want to convert it to MP3.

There are two types of AWB to MP3 converters. The first type is in the form of a software program that needs to be installed on your computer.

The second type is an online AWB to MP3 converter.

AWB to MP3 Converter

Two popular AWB to MP3 converters is the FairStars Audio Converter and the Nokia Multimedia Converter.

Another option is the AWB to MP3 Converter.

You may use any of these programs if you have many AWB files to convert.

If you don’t want to install programs on your computer, then you may use an AWB to MP3 online converter.

This option is recommended.

AWB File to MP3 Converter Online

Here are some AWB to MP3 Converters Online you may use.

CoolUtils AWB to MP3 Converter

This is an easy-to-use AWB to MP3 converter. Just upload your AWB file from your computer. Alternatively, you may drag and drop your file into the converter box below.

Convertio AWB to MP3 Converter

Convertio AWB to MP3 converter easily converts your AWB files to MP3 online.

Upload your AWB file and choose MP3 as the output option.

AWB to WAV Converter

The converters mentioned above will also convert AWB files to WAV and other popular audio formats.

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