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How to Add Multiple Videos to a YouTube Playlist Automatically

Add Multiple Videos to YouTube Playlist

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 02:30 am

You would have known the benefit of creating playlists for the videos in your channel.

If your channel has only a limited number of videos you can manually add a video to a new playlist as you publish it.

What if you’ve already published hundreds of videos. Then as an afterthought, you want to group them into playlists.

Manually, adding them one by one to a playlist would be a tedious process, not to mention time-consuming.

You may have also noticed that your YouTube account dashboard doesn’t provide you with the facility to add multiple videos to your YouTube playlist.

No matter how many videos you have on your dashboard, you would have to add each video manually to a playlist.

But then there’s a fix or rather a workaround.

Steps to Adding Multiple Videos to a YouTube Playlist

To batch add videos to a YouTube playlist follow the steps below.

Use the Google Chrome web browser.

You’ll also need the Multiselect for YouTube Chrome extension.

Installing Multiselect for YouTube

Assuming you have Google Chrome installed, go to the extensions dashboard by clicking on the three dots on the top right-hand corner.

Then go to More tools and Extensions as shown below.

On the Extensions dashboard search for Multiselect for YouTube.

Add it to your Chrome browser.

Next, you want to check whether Multiselect for YouTube has been activated. Do this by going to your Extensions dashboard via More tools – Extensions as shown above.

The extension slider must be blue instead of gray.

Now that the extension is successfully installed, Go to your YouTube account Dashboard.

Go To Your YouTube Account Dashboard

On your Channel dashboard, you can search for the keyword under which you would like to group your videos.

Go to the Videos tab and do a search.

You’ll see checkboxes appearing alongside each video. Proceed to tick on them.

When you’re done, click on the three dots on any of the selected videos.

You’ll see the number of videos (5 out of 29 videos listed) you’ve selected from the list. Choose Save to Playlist.

From this point on, the steps are similar to the method of adding videos to your playlist one by one manually.

You can add the videos to an existing playlist or create a new one.

Checking on your Playlist, you’ll find that all the videos have been added to it.

The Multiselect for YouTube is handy if you have dozens of videos you’ve yet to add to playlists. It allows you to quickly bulk add videos to a YouTube playlist.

Most importantly, it saves you the trouble of having to add your videos one by one to a playlist.

Do give this method a try to add multiple videos to a YouTube playlist automatically.

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