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8mm Video

Are 8mm Tapes Still Available for Sale?

8mm tapes for sale

Last updated on February 6th, 2024 at 04:45 am

As you already know, the 8mm video format is considered obsolete in these days of HD video.

Still, there is demand for 8mm tapes. Now, why would anyone be interested in 8mm tapes when 8mm camcorders and tape players are no longer in production?

Demand for 8mm Tapes

While 8mm tapes are generally considered outdated technology, there’s demand for them, as stated below,

Niche Applications

The use of 8mm tapes goes beyond the shooting of home videos. They have the following niche applications, albeit in limited ways, unknown to many.

  • Archiving: Some organizations, particularly in niche industries like healthcare or government, might use 8mm tapes for long-term, offline archiving of data due to their stability and resistance to data degradation. However, this usage is declining as cloud storage and other digital archiving solutions become more affordable and reliable.
  • Specific workflows: In some specialized workflows, particularly in older industrial control systems or broadcast environments, 8mm tapes might still be used due to compatibility with legacy equipment or specific requirements. However, even in these cases, they are increasingly being replaced by newer technologies.
  • Data air gapping: For high-security data storage, some organizations might use 8mm tapes for “air gapping,” which involves storing data offline and physically isolated from networks to protect against cyberattacks. However, this is a relatively rare use case.

Here are more reasons why 8mm tapes are still sought-after items.

Cost and Familiarity

In certain areas, the use of 8mm tapes is cost-effective and even convenient, as explained below.

  • Lower upfront cost: Compared to some newer storage solutions, 8mm tapes and drives can be cheaper upfront, especially for organizations with existing infrastructure. However, this advantage is often negated by higher long-term maintenance and management costs.
  • Familiarity and comfort: Some users might be familiar and comfortable with using 8mm tapes, especially in organizations with established workflows built around them. However, the lack of younger technicians familiar with this technology can create challenges in the long run.

That said, the demand for 8mm tapes is steadily declining as newer, more affordable, and reliable storage solutions become available.

Their use is primarily limited to niche applications, legacy systems, or specific workflows where other options are not suitable.

It’s also important to note that even in cases where 8mm tapes are still used, it’s often a temporary solution, and organizations are constantly evaluating newer technologies for migration.

Backup Solution

Many out there have dozens of 8mm tapes containing precious memories.

Tapes deteriorate over time. Also, they’re susceptible to mould attacks. To prevent tapes from falling victim to the ravages of time, they needed to be backed up.

For those who haven’t converted them to digital yet, they would want to make copies of their essential tapes.

For that purpose, they would need blank 8mm tapes.

Shooting Video

Secondly, some still have working 8mm camcorders. Just for the fun of it, or for old times’ sake, they would want to shoot video with them. For that, they would need blank 8mm tapes.

If you’re in one of these two groups, you may be wondering how you can get hold of 8mm tapes.

8mm Tapes No Longer in Production

In July 2011, Sony announced that it would no longer support the 8mm video format.

The last two 8mm tape players it was manufacturing were the GV-D800 and the GV-D200, both Digital8 cassette players. Their production was to stop in September 2011.

But then Sony announced that the production of 8mm tapes would continue for some time.

As expected, Sony currently no longer manufactures 8mm tapes. But the good news is you can still find previously unsold stock of 8mm tapes for sale.

You may not find them at your neighborhood electronics store. So, the best option is to source for them online.

Types of 8mm Tapes for Sale

Before you go online to buy 8mm tapes, you need to know the different types of 8mm tapes.

There are 3 types of 8mm tapes for sale – Video8, Hi8, and Digital8.

Before you buy 8mm tapes, you would have to know which 8mm tape format you would need for your camcorder.

If you have a Video8 camcorder or tape player, you can only use Video8 tapes.

With a Hi8 camcorder, you can use Video8 and Hi8 tapes.

With a Digital8 camcorder, you can use Video8, Hi8, and Digital8 tapes.

That said, let’s take a look at the 8mm tapes for sale.

Although Sony was the prime mover of the 8mm video format, other players jumped into the fray as well. This is especially so when it comes to the production of 8mm tapes.

Among them were Maxell, Fuji, and TDK.

You may buy these tapes in single units or packs, depending on your needs.

Most of the 8mm tapes are of the metal particle (MP) type.

Metal Particle tapes are of the metal powder or metal evaporated (ME) type. The common ones are of the metal powder type marked MP.

Video8 Tapes

If you’re looking for a single tape, this Sony 120-min Video8 Metal Particle Tape will suit you fine.

Maxell also offers this two-pack of high-quality GX-MP Video8 tapes.

Check out more options for Video8 tapes.

Hi8 Tapes

This 2-pack Hi8 tape is a bestseller over at Amazon.

Check out the Sony P6120HMPR/2C 2-Pack 120-Minute Hi8 Tape.

Also available is the Amazon’s Choice Maxell P6-120 XRM Professional Quality Hi 8 tape.

Check out more options for Hi8 tapes.

Digital8 tapes

As has been mentioned earlier, Digital8 tapes can only be used with Digital8 camcorders or tape players. They won’t work with Video8 or Hi8 camcorders or tape players.

Digital8 tapes are hard to come by. Also, only the Sony brand is available.

That’s not a problem if you have a Digital8 camcorder. You can always use a Video8 or Hi8 tape to shoot DV-quality video.

The drawback is you’ll get a shorter recording time.

If you’re not limiting yourself to one type of 8mm tape, check out the full range of 8mm tapes for sale.

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