Sony introduced the Video8 format in 1985.

Video8 used the same technology as the 12mm Betamax format. As such it could be called a ‘mini’ Betamax.

8mm tape Video8

Video8 was positioned to rival the VHS-C format developed by JVC.

Video8 has a resolution of 240 lines, about that of VHS.

The main drawback of Video8 is that it can’t be played back over a VHS player with an adapter.

VHS-C could be played back with a VHS adapter.

Is Video8 the Same as 8mm?

Video8 can be said to be the same as 8mm.

8mm here refers to the width of the tape.

Video8 has a tape width of 8mm.

Video8 is not the only tape with a width of 8mm. Hi-8 and Digital8 have the same width.

However, in differentiating between Hi-8 and Digital8, Video8 is often called 8mm.

Check out the video below for more information on the Video8 format.