stands for Super Video CD . It can be considered a ‘superior’ version of VCD.

The China Recording Standards Committee under the Chinese government first developed the format .in 1998 together with the consortium consisting of Sony, Philips, Matsushita and JVC

SVCD uses MPEG-2 encoding for video. For audio it use.s MPEG-1 or 2-Channel MPEG-2.

An easy way to understand SVCD is to see its video quality as between VCD and DVD.

About 35 to 45 minutes of video content can be fitted into an SVCD, depending on the video quality selected. The higher the video quality, the shorter the playback time would be.

SVCD Playback

SVCDs can be played back on most DVD players and some VCD players and also over CD_ROM and DVD-ROm drives.

SVCD Features

SVCD has the capabilities of DVD to store multiple audio tracks, still images, subtitles, chapters, menus and even playlists.

SVCD Resolution

SVCD’s resolution is twice the resolution of VCD. Under PAL the resolution is 480×576. For NTSC it is 480×480.