If you need to quickly convert a video file,  the best option would be to use a free online video converter.

Free online video converters are becoming popular among video producers and regular users, especially smartphone users who quickly need to convert large video files to be shared over their mobile devices.

The advantages of an online video converter are:

  • No need to install software
  • Convert video file on the go – even on someone else’s computer
  • Save on software purchase

There are drawbacks though

  • Conversion available only when there’s an Internet connection
  • Must have a stable, high speed Internet connection
  • Service may be slow owing to usage volume

Let’s take a look at some of the best free online video converters. We’re focusing on converters that don’t require you to sign up for an account.  A hassle if you want to just convert an occasional file

Online Video Converter

This converter with a generic sounding name has three conversion options

online video converter file conversion options

You could convert:

  • a video file from an URL of video sharing sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram)
  • from a file in your computer  
  • or install a browser extension that will allow you to convert video from YouTube without having to copy and paste a video link.

It supports the following file formats which includes audio :


online video converter file formats supported

You also have the option of converting the whole video file or a portion of it – based on start time and end time.

online video converter start and end time

The maximum resolution for video file is 720p and lowest is 240p

An interesting feature is the availability of a QR code which makes it easy for you to download the converted file to your mobile phone.

online video converter download QR code or dropbox

Alternatively, you could save the video to your cloud storage, namely Dropbox

Check out Online Video Converter

Online Convert

Online Convert is a versatile website where you can convert video and also other digital media ranging from ebooks, images and also documents.

Free Online Video Converter -Online Convert

At first glance it doesn’t look like a converter site with its plain, unassuming greenish-grey background. But the range of conversion options offered is simply mind-boggling.

Online Convert Conversion Options

It has about 23 video conversion options including conversion for Xbox 360, Blackberry video and iPad video.

You could either upload a file or insert the URL of a video.

Alternatively if your file is in the cloud you could transfer it for conversion from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Online Convert Addditional Settings

Additional conversion options are provided like bitrate change, audio removal and frame rate change.

Check out Video Online Convert, one of the best free online video converters you should consider.

Files Conversion

If you need basic video file conversion to popular , the Files Convert would be a choice you wish to consider.

Files Conversion Formats - Free Online Converter

This converter, offered by Don’s Tools,  would suit newbies to file conversion who wouldn’t want to contend with  technical aspects of the process – bitrate,  audio codec, frame rate,  etc.

The converted provides three conversion output options:  Low , Moderate, High , Very High.

For example if you want to share a talking head video, you may want to choose Low quality.

Files Conversion Free Online Converter

We tried converting a smartphone MP4 20-second video  at 40.1MB and got the size reduced to 8MB with the settings in the screenshot above. Conversion was at a decent speed.

Want to get your video files converted without much fuss?  Give Files Conversion  a try.

Convert Video Online

This site has a simple interface which would not intimidate beginners.

The standout feature of this free online converter is it supports file uploads of up to 2GB!

If you’ve super fast Internet connection with a super fast upload speed, then this is the converter you should consider.

There are 300 conversion options  with  even H265/HVEC support thrown in, if that’s what you need.

Convert Video Online -Upload Options

Apart from computer file uploads there are options to import from cloud storage – Google Drive and Dropbox.

Convert Video Online -Video Output Options

Audio Options are as shown in the screenshot below.

Convert Video Online -Audio Output Options

We got a 40MB Smartphone video converted to 600kb Android video. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

This is definitely one of the best free online video converters that you should give a try.

There’s even an option to use it via a  Chrome browser extension.

Check out Convert Video Online


AConvert allows you basic conversion and Advanced conversion. If you would just like to convert a video file to a different file extension, without changing anything else except the file extension, you choose the default mode.

AConvert Basic Conversion

If you want to change other aspects of the video then you could click on Options.

AConvert Advanced Options

Check out AConvert

The thing with the best free online video converters iis they help  you accomplish a minor video conversion task quickly. Don’t show up with a big file and expect results like you will with an offline converter.

Sometimes you need to test a few online video converters because you could determine which suits your purpose.