In these days of HD video, features prominently in the digital video world.

It’s truly a versatile video connector that’s in popular use with HDTVs. Computers. TV boxes and even mobile devices like smartphones.

You can easily transport high definition video to various devices through a single cable.

That said you may be wondering if you could enjoy the same facility through a .

You may have looked for an HDMI input in your recorder without success.

So, is there a DVD recorder with HDMI input?

The answer, sadly, is no.

DVD recorders don’t come with HDMI inputs.

Why No HDMI Input in DVD Recorders?

The reason is DVD recorders have to adhere to the HDMI spedification.

Manufacturers have to incorporate a copy-protection feature called High-Definition Copy Protection (HDCP). That’s the condition for using HDMI on any device.

This will prevent unauthorised copying of video content. So, even if there’s an HDMI input in your DVD recorder, no video signal can be recorded because HDCP-encoded signal is unrecordable.

So, the DVD recorders have only HDMI output which can be connected to your TV.

Connecting HDMI from a DVD recorder to your HDTV doesn’t involve any copying.

This is much similar to Macrovision in DVD players and recorders which prevent DVD being copied

Analog Connection Recording Option

The recording option you have is through analog input connections like RCA or .