Over time your 8mm heads will get dirty and it would have affect the quality of tape playback.

This could be due to exposure to dust through open air or through the tapes themselves.

There’s no need to panic and rush it to the service to clean your 8mm camcorder heads and be deprived of your camcorder for days, while ending up paying a huge service fee.

Get a Cleaning Tape

Your first option would be to buy a cleaning tape, a dry cleaning tape.

8mm camcorder head cleaning cassette

If you’re having a Sony 8mm camcorder, whether Video8, or , you’re advised to get the Sony 8mm camcorder head cleaning cassette.

The Camcorder Head Cleaning Process

In most instances, you just have to insert the cleaning cassette into your camcorder and play it for for not more than 10 seconds to clean your 8mm camcorder heads.

Your ‘dirty’ camcorder heads will be fixed and picture quality will be restored.

Caution When Using the Camcorder Head Cleaner

A word of caution – do not run the tape for more than the specified time in the manual when cleaning your 8mm camcorder heads.

Do not also rewind the tape. You should only rewind the tape after it has reached its end.

How long can use the cleaning tape? You can use it for up to three to four passes from beginning to end.

As it be highly unlikely you would regularly use the tape once your camcorder head is ‘dry cleaned’, the cleaning tape should last you for a long time.

Finding an 8mm Camcorder Head Cleaner

8mm Camcorders are no longer in production. The tapes are still available for sale though,

The prices are exorbitant though. Some are used ones.

There’s no harm in buying a used 8mm camcorder head cleaning cassette, provided it has a good portion of it unused. It would be much more convenient than sending your camcorder to a service centre.

What if the Head Cleaning Cassette Does No Good?

If picture quality doesn’t improve after using the tape, you should not attempt to clean it manually, unless you know what you’re doing.

Unless your camcorder head is physically damaged, a cleaning cassette would do the job for you.

If it doesn’t you should send your camcorder to a service center as a last resort to clean your 8mm camcorder heads.